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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Leftists care more about criminals than law abiding citizens

Green card holder, admitted to robbing a bank TWICE, was allowed to plead down to a charge that got him less than a year in jail, and now he's murdered two doctors.

So they had this guy on charges of robbing the same bank twice (I guess you stick with what works…) and his attorney knew that it could get him booted out of the country. So rather than fight it out in a jury trial he worked out a plea deal with the prosecutors where they would take 364 days in jail for his crimes. Had it been a year or more Teixeira would have been eligible for deportation. Also, he could have been kicked out of the country if he’d been convicted of bank robbery, but despite the fact that he admitted to robbing the bank twice he was given a deal to plead guilty to “larceny from a person.” 
Because of that, after serving only a pitifully short portion of his sentence, a few months later Teixeira was fleeing the apartment of Richard Field and Lina Bolanos, their bloody bodies left on the floor and a bunch of their jewelry in his backpack.

So two law abiding doctors are dead, and this piece of human garbage...  this parasite....  this oxygen thief, this anal wart on America's ass is still wasting perfectly good air.

Our immigration system is broken, but it's broken because the people in charge want it broken.  And the people in charge do not care about you.  They don't care if you're murdered by some immigrant.  They don't care if you get plowed into by some border-hopping, illegal alien who's been deported FIFTEEN TIMES before crashing into a family car and almost killing a child.

You are not important to them.  But these illegal aliens, these parasites who burrow into our country and suck the life out of it, those people are important to Leftists.  Because diversity.  And tolerance.

I'm so fucking sick of seeing shit like this every day...


0007 said...

Sounds as if a pretty good case could be made to question the involvement of everyone who touched that original case - starting with the prosecutor and working your way up and down the chain..

Rivrdog said...


Everything else has failed, so why spin our wheels trying to determine fault. Put in a system which WILL function.

Ragin' Dave said...

Rivrdog - I'm afraid of who they will put on the committees. In fact, I'm just afraid of committees, period.