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Monday, May 22, 2017

Imagine if Republicans held a rally and screamed "FUCK BARACK OBAMA!"

I mean, I know I've said that plenty of times.  But I'm not a Republican, and I have never, ever been to a Republican rally where the people leading the rally held up two middle fingers and led the crowd in a chant like this:

Sen. Kamala Harris told the crowd that the president is putting “Russia first, America second.” 
“The world, literally the world, is counting on all of you, counting on California to reject Trump’s deception and destructiveness,” Gavin Newsom, the California Lieutenant Governor, said. 
But it was Burton who took it to the classless extreme. 
“All together now,” he told the crowd, encouraging them to chant as he raised his two middle fingers. “F**k Donald Trump.”

They've lost what little sanity they had left.  Keep it up, Democrats.  This is how you got Trump, and this is how he'll win in 2020.

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