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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I'd just like to point out

That the one and only time I ever heard Seattle Mayor Ed Murray speak, it made my skin crawl.  The guy sounds like "Uncle Badtouch" from the get-go, and his smarmy, lisping delivery made me want to punch him in the face after two seconds of hearing his voice.

So when I find out that multiple people are accusing him of sexual molestation and pedophilia back in the 80's, it doesn't shock me one bit.

An unnamed man filed a child sex abuse lawsuit against the mayor on Thursday, alleging Murray “repeatedly criminally raped and molested” him when he was a homeless 15-year-old in the 1980s. 
The unnamed plaintiff and two other men gave interviews to the Seattle Times — all telling similar stories about a politico in his late 20s and 30s, who befriended street kids, paid them and had his way with them.
I wonder if Murray had been a Catholic Priest, would the paper be so nice to Murray as they are right now?

Oh, and I love this little touch:

The (Seattle) Times explained why it didn't print the accusations until last week, when claims in the public lawsuit echoed their accounts: 
“Murray denied the accusations to reporters and hired an attorney, who worked to discredit the men largely based on their criminal pasts,” the paper reported. “Neither the Seattle Times nor other media publicly reported the allegations, and Murray’s political career continued to rise.”

So this isn't the first time this has been raised!  Nope, in fact, it was raised years ago, and the media dumped it down the memory hole because progressive politics, y'all!  Who cares how many boys Uncle Badtouch was raping, he's a progressive and he's gonna make Seattle progressive, so all those boys can go pound sand while Uncle Badtouch gets elected!

I wonder, if Murray was a Catholic Priest, if the Times would have accepted the weak explanation that they swallowed from Murray.

Ah hell, I don't wonder at all.  We all know the answer to that.  In the eyes of the media, raping little boys is acceptable if you're a Democrat politician!  Just ask Gary Studds!

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