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Saturday, April 01, 2017

Government Health Care doesn't work

You want proof?  Just go to your local county clinic.  They still have those, don't they?  Public clinics?  Yeah?

Go get your healthcare there.

Or just watch Steven Crowder demolish Bernie Sanders' vapid arguments.

Probably just watch the video. You'll be happier.


I don't.  I've used them before.  And right now, depending on where you live, they look like a bus stop in rural Mexico or Nigeria, and you'll be the only English speaking person there other than the medical staff.

Yeah.  Call me racist if you want, but if you've ever used one you'll know I'm telling the truth.


Drumwaster said...

You want to see Government-run Health Care on a national level, you say? Look no further than the VA health care system... where vets are literally DYING while waiting for an appointment.

Yeah, boy, gimme more of that, and on STEROIDS. "No, you can't have chemotherapy, because you failed to submit your form AQ-H/SA-7G in a timely manner. Others need those chemicals, too, and they got their paperwork in on time."

There's a term for someone who expects to get food, shelter, entertainment and health care from a genial oligarchy (in exchange for the occasional physical effort)... five letters... starts with an 'S'... anagram of "salve"... I'm sure it'll come to me ones of these days...

Ragin' Dave said...

SAVLE? I knew I couldn't trust those dirty savles!