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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Garden work

We're downsizing our garden this year.  Too many things won't grow out where we are.  If this were my house instead of a rental, I'd be clearing trees away and making room for the garden to get more light, but I don't own the house.  So we garden on a small patch of ground that gets light.  We tried lots of different plants last year.  Most of it didn't grow, or didn't produce.  Our squash plants were flowering like gangbusters, and we didn't get a single squash from them.

So we shrank the size of the garden, which means pulling up fence posts and re-stringing the fence we use to keep deer out.  I'll be pulling the weedblock off the squash mounds and raking the dirt out across the lawn tomorrow, as well as cutting down a few small trees to open up our back yard a bit.  I'm keeping the larger trees so we have a canopy overhead.

It's been a busy day.  It'll be a busy day tomorrow.  But at least we're getting things done.

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