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Monday, April 17, 2017

Antifa Nazis get punched back

About fucking time.

And I'm going to be watching this all day long and giggling:

There's just something about a drugged-out hippy nazi-wanna-be getting knocked the hell out that seems....  satisfying.

Does that make me bad?  Hell no it doesn't.  Go check out where that bat-shit loon was claiming she was going to get "100 nazi scalps".  No, she didn't say that ironically.  She was out there to shut down free speech.  She was out there to assault people who just wanted to have their say.  She's a fascist.  She's a Nazi.  She's a drugged out, totalitarian crack-whore, and she wanted to beat people for disagreeing with her politically.  This thing is the picture perfect definition of anti-American asshole.

And she got knocked the fuck out.  I won't shed one single tear.

I also love that guy's sweatshirt - the one that reads "JESUS will JUDGE YOU!"  Hell yeah.  Punch a hippy for Jesus!

Update - best moniker for that skanky hippy chick I've seen so far:  Moldylocks.  Friggin' brilliant.


Drumwaster said...

Meanwhile, the cops that were supposed to be there to protect people, took off like scared rabbits when the M-80s started being set off (by the ones using violence to shut down opposing points of view).

But things did not turn out well for them.

Things are going to ramp up. Hillary Clinton's alma mater is now asserting that violence is not only acceptable, but downright mandatory to shut down "hate speech". They don't understand (yet) that both sides can use that level of violence.

Ragin' Dave said...

The Right, specifically the Alt-Right but other parts are joining in, have finally gotten to the point where they really don't care what the media says, or what the Left in general thinks - they've finally figured out that no matter what they do they'll be portrayed as Nazis, so if that's the case then there's no reason to not punch a hippy in the face. After years and years of being assaulted, both verbally and physically, they finally fought back. And won, in resounding fashion.

The Left, if they had the brains that God gave a goose, should be very, very afraid at this point. Because the Right just got their taste of blood, and they like it. This isn't going to stop, for a whole host of reasons.

Drumwaster said...

There are likely to be a few ambushes, too. Publicize a hated-by-the-Left speaker to any public place, then wait for the rock- and bomb-throwers to show up...

Suddenly, a few weapons will appear, shots fired, and people disappear into the crowds. Or even someone in a window or in a tree a few hundred yards away.

It's going to get UGLY, but the Left is actively condoning the use of violence to shut down free speech. They are sowing the wind...

Bill in England said...

Gavin McInnes has a piece on TakiMag about the event. Apparently "Moldylocks" is a "star" of some particularly repulsive fringe porn scene. If you follow the links on the McInnes piece you can see what she used to look like before her brain became so utterly mentally diseased.

Bill in England said...

Apologies for the redundant info, I see now some of that was in the original ROK link. McInnes is still worth a read though.