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Friday, March 31, 2017

Yep once again

You know how much I'd pay to view modern art?

That's a trick question.  You have to pay me to view modern art.

Modern art is a bunch of crap.  There's very few "artists" in modern art who actually have any real talent.  Hell, lots of modern music sucks as well.  If the National Endowment for the Arts actually gets pulled, I'll celebrate.

"But Dave, what about community theater and all those types of art!"

I've worked in theater.  I've done small and big.  The amount of money they got from the NEA couldn't have paid for my services as a percussionist.  I know.  I saw their books.  I did a lot of volunteer work for them, shall we say.  If the NEA was supporting local theaters in Lincoln, Nebraska, in their production of "South Pacific", I might be more supportive.  But no, it goes to some brainless SJW in Brooklyn who shits in a corner and calls it art.

Let's not even go into the fact that most "modern art" delves into SJW delusions or repressed sexuality as brought forth by drug-addled lesbians.  "Oh look, I added a glittery purple dildo to a sculpture of a unicorn!  That represents the patriarchy and women's struggle to achieve equality through orgasms!"

No.  It represents a lazy lesbian with daddy issues using a dildo to try to shock people and calling it art.  

And again, you'd have to pay me to view it.  Because it's crap.

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Kevin said...

Here is a link to some very good artwork by my fiancee.