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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Went out to dinner last night

We were going to be out for a while and get back late, so we went and got Chinese food.  The restaurant had a TV on.  It was playing CNN.

I almost broke that damn thing off the wall and through it out the door.

When you haven't been soaking in the toxic stew of lies, Fake News and bullshit that CNN serves up on a daily basis, it's grating to suddenly be listening to the crap spew out of the TV speakers like some tidal wave that just broke free from a sewage treatment plant.  CNN isn't just as bad as I remembered it, it's WORSE.  They've gone off the deep end in their hatred of Trump.  They're koo-koo for Coco Puffs.

And the Democrat Party is even worse.  I hadn't heard of Senator Murphy from Connecticut until last night.  I wish I'd never heard of him.  He and Wolf Blitzer had a mutual masturbation session where they confirmed to each other that Donald Trump is Hitler, only with more lies and hatey-ness.

I love that restaurant, but if I go in and CNN is playing, I'm leaving.  I refuse to listen to that bullshit ever again.

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