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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Little Darlings need their nappy-time!

Only they're doing it about fifteen years later than I did it.

Southern Illinois University will soon host a month-long series of “nap-ins” to help guide students on their “internal journey to diversity.” 
According to The Daily Egyptian, the Illinois college will offer four two-hour napping sessions for interested students who would like to “internally generate” “dreams of diversity.”
According to your humble host, that literally makes them toddlers who are throwing their money away in "college".

“The nap-ins are part of the internal journey to diversity. All dreams start while sleeping,” explained Marissa Amposta, student coordinator of the event, noting that her nap-ins will take place in the rotunda of the campus library, and that students will be able to share their dreams on a fabric scroll displayed nearby. 
Meanwhile, the team has set up a labyrinth of sorts surrounding the fabric scroll in a metaphorical ploy to “help guide students to their dreams,” Amposta explained.
At this point, short of having a degree that's actually focused on a specific job or field, such as the hard sciences or an MDiv or something of that nature, a fancy sheepskin that ends in "Arts" or "Studies" disincentives people who are hiring.  "Oh, great, you have a degree in Liberal Arts with a minor in Foreign Film Studies.  Are you sure you can handle the fry cooker?  Ooops, wait, that's being done by a robot now.  Sorry pal, we don't need you."

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