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Monday, March 20, 2017

Not a shocker

Tammy Baldwin, radical Leftist nutjob Congresscritter from Wisconsin, knew about the problems at the Tomah VA and did nothing about them.

The VA is essentially a front group for the Democrats so that they can claim that they care about military veterans.


p2 said...

be afraid of the VA....very afraid. If they offer to help, run, do not walk away... Took 'em almost 8 weeks to approve the biopsy that confirmed I have cancer, after the ENT guy pleaded to get it done within a couple days. His thoughts, along with the oncology weenies are if that esteemed organization had delayed approval another 10 days, I wouldn't be writing this. And what should have been approved coverage was constantly approved then denied a few days later. The bill is well over 75K at this point.

Their mission statement? "We're not happy till your you're not happy."

Ragin' Dave said...

One of my former troops spent three years with an intestinal parasite in his gut from Iraq that the VA kept calling "acid reflux". By the time a real doctor actually ran tests and diagnosed what was going on, all he could eat was protein shakes and granola bars.

I'm not very fond of the VA.