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Friday, March 31, 2017

More and more, Vox Day is being proven right

I have a problem when Vox Day says that other people can't come over and effectively become American.  I know a lot of immigrants who are more American than some native born people.  But when I read crap like this, I pretty much go on board with his plan to just send them all back.  Here's the quote that got me steamed:  

Owners say they have been accused of betraying their community. Some say they have had to swallow their own qualms about Trump’s contentious immigration policies. 
“A lot of people are saying, ‘You’re Latino. How can you build a wall to keep other Latinos out?’ 
Missing from this discussion:  The fact that as legal business owners, they have a responsibility to follow the law and not aid and abet other people in breaking the law.

So if the Latino community in America cares more about people of their tribe rather than in following the law, then I can't really say that they're American.  They're not.  They're Mexican, or Panamanian, or something else other than a law-abiding American.

So fuck 'em.  Luckily, this guy gets it:

Evangelista-Ysasaga, whose grandparents emigrated from Mexico, said he fielded five death threats one morning alone this week from “random people calling into the office and just screaming.” 
Every sovereign nation has a duty to defend its borders, he told callers. Unfortunately, he said, a “certain segment” of American Latinos have cast supporters of the border wall as “racist.”

If by "certain segment" he means "majority of Latinos in America", then yes, he's correct.  And what infuriates me the most is the fact that the very same people who insist that we have to let anybody cross our southern border are coming from countries where they shoot people trying to cross their southern border.

Go ahead.  Check out Mexico's immigration policy.  I'd love to adopt Mexico's immigration policy here in America.  

Border security work has always been contentious, Anderson said. He recounted Mexicans harassing his workers in profanity-laced Spanish and chucking rocks over a sliver of fencing as they installed lighting. One of his employees donned a bulletproof vest at work every day. 
“It was a rough environment, and I expect it to be more charged now than it has been in the history of working along the border,” Anderson said. “Not only are Mexicans infuriated with the United States, but people in the United States are also infuriated.”

Mexicans are infuriated because we want to close and lock the door.  Americans are infuriated because we're tired of border-hopping wetbacks breaking our laws and then demanding that they be allowed to come into our country, shit all over the place and be supported by our tax dollars.

Every thief, crook and parasite is infuriated when their honey-pot gets cut off.  Too fucking bad.  They had no right to it in the first place.  Mexico can go piss right the hell off.

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