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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

King vs. Former King

Richard Fernandez writes about the dangers of having two principals facing off in a knife fight.

The most singular thing about Donald Trump's wiretap accusation against Barack Obama is how he's refusing to play the game of extremities — losing a Flynn here and getting a Sessions paralyzed there — and getting right into lethal range. Trump's gone right past Schumer, ignored the surrogates and gone straight for the former president himself.
My only problem with Donald Trump in this regard is that he's still being too nice.  I would have had that fucking anti-American shitwad Obama frog-marched out of his fucking house where he's organizing the Trump takedown with his cronies and drones.  I would have allowed him to be photographed in handcuffs as he's led out to a cop car, and then I would have shut down any other communications.  Radio silence.  His lawyers can say anything they want, but Obama wouldn't be allowed within ten feet of a fucking camera.  

Glenn Reynolds opines:

One of the ways American political culture prevents such a fight is to have only one king at a time. Former presidents are expected to retire and vanish. Obama, however, decided to stay in DC and try to destroy Trump’s presidency. That was a choice that showed little concern for America, but then, the lack of such concern has been a hallmark of Obama’s career.

Along with Obama, I'd have Lois Lerner, John Koskinen, and various other flunkies who abused their power arrested.  The Democrats wanted to kill Trump with a thousand cuts, and I'd just drop a bomb on them.  Every single one of those bastards is filthy and dirty; we all know it.  By the time I was done, they wouldn't have a single secret left.  It would be all out in the open for everyone to see.

Bathhouse Barry Obumblefuck thought he could hang around and take down Trump.  Bathhouse Barry Obumblefuck isn't nearly as smart as he thinks he is.  Bathhouse Barry Obumblefuck is playing checkers while Trump is playing chess, and I can't wait for Bathhouse Barry Obumblefuck to be taken down another peg.

Anyways, back to Fernandez:

This escalation represents a real threat to Obama. Suddenly everything is out of control. Nobody would have minded much if Trump had gone after one of Obama's henchmen — which is probably what was expected — but none can foresee how an exchange of blades between principals will end. It is safe to say, however, that unless the combatants disengage, someone will get hurt. It will be a terrible moment for American political civility when a king lies on the political floor. The whole point of a peaceful transition of power is to prevent a clash between kings. Yet the very tragedy the electoral process is intended to prevent is happening before our eyes.

Here's where I rub my forehead to prevent blowing an artery.  It's a "terrible moment for American political civility", you say?  And who brought about that terrible moment?  Should Trump have just sat there and taken shot after shot after shot while doing nothing?  No.  It was a "terrible moment for American political civility" when Obama used the IRS to attack conservative groups.  It was a "terrible moment for American political civility" when the Democrats rammed Obamacare through on a procedural motion.  It was a "terrible moment for American political civility" for the past eight years as a Marxist cocksucker did his level best to destroy this country.   The one in the wrong is Obama, just as he's been in the wrong so often over the past eight years.  The biggest difference is that Bathhouse Barry Obumblefuck was used to dealing with the GOP establishment, who's greatest resistance to Obama's fucking was to use mineral oil instead of Astroglide as they bent over for another round.  In case nobody noticed, let me be the first to fill you in:  Trump ain't the GOP establishment.  Thank God.

I won't weep one fucking tear if Obama gets gutted; politically, metaphorically, or in reality, my eyes will be dry.  In fact, should the news report that Obama was found dead in an ally with three or four holes in him that he wasn't born with, I'm going to celebrate like you've never seen.

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