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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Democrat Astroturf campaigns hold #FakeTownHalls

No, really.  The lying liars who lie are actually holding Fake Town Hall meetings in an effort to embarrass Republican members of Congress.

And get creative. "For instance, be prepared with a cardboard cutout or an empty chair. This is a classic political campaign tactic for when your opponent refuses to debate. It also works well for highlighting an absentee [member of Congress]. These are just a couple options — but get creative. Plan a segment of the event where participants highlighting the fact that your MoC is acting cowardly and hiding from constituents." 
Silly? No. It was used 12 times against lawmakers in February, often drawing in constituents who don't know that it's not a town hall officially called by a lawmaker. 
That has prompted Republican officials to warn members to be on the lookout for the impromptu town halls and aggressively tell the media of their real plans.

These people deserve to be put in line and have their kneecaps broken with a baseball bat, one by one.  They're anti-American.  They're domestic enemies of the Constitution, and they should be treated as such.

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