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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

These people think they're better than you

NBC's Katy Tur doesn't remember when Obama told Medvedev "After this election I have more flexibility".

So the very same people who are lying their asses off and saying that "RUSSIA HACKED OUR ELECTIONS!" with zero fucking proof, can't remember when their Lord, God, King and Socialist Savior specifically told the Russians that he'd be more flexible for them after his election.

These people think they're smart.  These people think they're the elites in this country.  They look down on you.  They sneer at you as a bunch of bible-thumping, sister-humping, one-toothed,  moonshine-making, low-sloping-forehead retarded Jesus Freaks from flyover country.  And they can't even remember their Communist Christ essentially telling Russia that he would personally bend over and offer up his lubed anus for Putin's pleasure, while they create more #FakeNews in an attempt to damage Trump in any way possible.

Fuck Katy Tur with a running chainsaw.  And fuck NBC.  The entire organization.  Fuck them up a tree sideways.

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