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Thursday, February 02, 2017

There IS a cure. Nobody wants to apply it.

Let me quote from this David Goldman piece:

We can't send in American soldiers to fix these countries. We can't import their problems by admitting a horde of refugees who bring with them the pathologies that ruined these countries in the first place. We have to draw a bright line between the United States of America and the failed states of the Middle East. There are lots of little things wrong with the refugee ban but one very big thing right about it: It sends the message that we will not prejudice American interests in a Quixotic effort to fix the unfixable problems of other peoples.

There is a cure:  Conversion to Christianity, specifically Catholicism.  Which requires multiple things:  The destruction of the governments which use Islam as a way to keep 50% of their population enslaved.  The destruction of the culture which allows men to rape and sodomize little boys for pleasure.  The enforcement of laws which punish the violent thugs who Islam invariably put in charge.  And the willingness for the West to utterly crush Islam into dust.

There is a cure for the Middle East, and it's the destruction of Islam.  But the multi-culti Left won't do it.  Heck, a lot of squishy "conservative" people won't do it.

Which is why we still have people being slaughtered and raped all over the West with the echoes of "Allahu Ackbar!" ringing through the air.  And that will continue, until the West starts to fight back.

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Deserttrek said...

the first treatment is turn saudi arabia into a sheet of glass, that will stop a lot of things