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Sunday, February 05, 2017

The Glow-bull Warming Hoax

Let me summarize this for you:

1.  The data that was collected did not fit the narrative.
2.  That data was thrown away, and fake data put in it's place.
3.  We'll never know the actual figures, because the real data was deleted and erased.

A just-retired scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has blown the whistle on a scandal of epic proportions involving fake news ginned up by climate “scientists.” Dr. John Bates, who until the end of 2016 was one of NOAA’s top scientists, told the story to the Daily Mail:

The entire Global Warming bullshit has done more to damage people's trust in "science" than anything else done in modern times.  The willingness of so-called scientists to literally throw away actual scientific data in favor of a political narrative essentially means that any science that hedges on politics cannot be trusted.

And we're all spending tax dollars on this monumental fraud.  Think about that for a bit.  And then go buy more ammo.

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