Day by Day

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Stupidity on the highways

Have you ever been driving along, and seen so many people in cars acting the fool at 70mph that you just back off the gas to make sure you don't go anywhere near them?

That was my entire drive home last night.  I swear that over half of the drivers took a double dose of stupid pills before they got behind the wheel.


MauserMedic said...

I've given serious thought to buying a camera for my truck, just to capture the dumbassery I encounter almost daily. And for the eventual day when I have to court for recovering damages from one of these idiots. Although there's a few entertaining moments, like the tqo urban youth in their lowered 4-cylinder Japanese "street racer" a couple months ago. We don't have shoulders on the roads locally, you have maybe a foot of grass and then it's a drainage ditch. Pretty sure the driver was on his phone not paying attention while driving (an honored tradition locally, along with considering turn signals being something only crackers use), resulting in hanging up his vehicle along its mid-line; two wheels on the road and two a good 18 inches above the bottom of the ditch. One of my better drives home.

Ragin' Dave said...

A friend of mine on my street drives a tractor-trailer for a living. He estimates that at least half the people on the road are using their phones. Since he's up in the cab, he has a great view of them as he's driving down the road. At night he can see the glow of their phones as they weave across multiple lanes like drunken idiots.

Apparently, his horn gets quite the workout.

I have noticed that the use of turn signals seems to be limited by age and racial demographics. In LA, the wife and I feared any white Mercedes, because they were typically driven by some Mediterranean/Arabic female who seemingly passed her driving test by giving the examiner a blow-job, because they sure as shit couldn't actually drive. Here in Virginia it's black women. No matter the car. Can't drive for shit. When I see a driver that's a fat black woman with Jerri-Curl flying in the breeze, I just avoid them entirely. I will get off the road before I spend any time next to them.