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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ragin' Dave's Quote of the Day, Competing Ideologies edition

From Sultan Knish, who I really need to add to the blogroll.

Conservatives ask us to be better than we are. Liberals ask us to be worse. They tell us that we ought to be angry and feel sorry for ourselves. And that if we don't have what we want, we ought to take it from others. 
At the heart of this is a deeper question. 
If a right is freedom, then freedom demands responsibility. But if a right is entitlement, then it's a demand. A demand that others give us what we deserve. 
Free people fight for independence. But the left's revolutions are struggles for tyranny. They protest for better masters. They violently agitate for rulers who will run their lives better.

This really does explain the childish pathology of the Left.  Responsibility is hard.  Taking ownership if yourself, your actions, and their consequences, is hard.  Which is why the Left avoids it.  Instead, they act like the children that they mentally are:  blame others.  Never take responsibility.  Ask someone else to take care of them.  Gimme gimme gimme.

That's why socialist societies always end in failure and ruin, without exception.  Building and maintaining a society, a country, is difficult.  It's hard.  It means that people must take responsibility for themselves and things under their purview.  When the mental children run things and enforce their socialism, then you get the cliques, the snobbish elitists, the breakdown of things that used to work.

The Right demands that you do better.  The Left demands that YOU do better so that THEY don't have to.

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