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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Milo resigns from Breitbart

And the Left claims another scalp, which wouldn't have happened without the help and support of so-called "conservatives".  I'll get into that more later today.  But for right now, this guy is saying what I want to say.

But let’s be crystal clear, because I suspect even my readers are divided on this issue: you have done or said something that can be used to assassinate your character. 
Again, for clarity: you have said things that the press could assassinate your character with. I guarantee it. Every single person reading this right now has said something which the press could twist into a knife and plunge into your gut. All of you. 
You don’t need to like Milo, or approve of his behavior. In fact, I don’t approve of some of the outlandish things he’s done. The bathing in pig blood stunt was just weird. 
Rather, what you need to realize is that the press is striking back against Donald Trump right now. It’s another Alinsky tactic. 
I've been watching supposed conservatives laugh and howl and gibber about Milo getting cut down, and I'm flat out disgusted.  Milo has done more to push back the fascist Left than his current crop of detractors have ever done.  He hasn't just moved the Overton Window to the right, he's yanked that sucker right off the rails and made the fascist Left dance to his tune.  This current outrage isn't about anything Milo has done; it's about the fascist Left extracting their revenge against him, and the so-called conservatives are helping them do it!

Once again, Milo has exposed more pedophiles than all of the people who are accusing him of promoting pedophilia combined.  Let that fact just sit back and stew in your brain.

UPDATE: Milo has resigned from Breitbart. They got their scalp. They’ll be emboldened, now. I certainly hope that next time, we will fight instead of cave in. 
In case anyone thinks this isn’t premeditated, note that Salon deleted their pro-pedo material before attacking Milo. It was a cynical, calculated political move. The tweet is still up, but it goes nowhere.

Yeah, he hopes that next time they won't cave.  Right.  Just look at how the so-called conservatives folded like a cheap suit when one of their strongest fighters got challenged.

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