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Monday, February 13, 2017

All life is fleeting.

I just found out that Connie du Toit died over a month ago.

When the blogosphere first came out, Kim du Toit was THE GUN BLOGGER.  His wife Connie was tech support, who eventually started up her own blog.  Both of them were some of the most thoughtful, erudite, and devoted people you would ever read.  And what's more impressive is the way they were able to impart sheer masses of information through their blogs and into the readers.

I would have loved to be able to take a class from either of them.

I knew that she had been dealing with some health issues from way back.  They both stopped blogging years ago, and just sort of faded from public view, although Kim could be found writing here and there, and commenting on a few blogs. I'd send my condolences, but I doubt he needs yet another email from someone he doesn't know reminding him about what he's lost.  So I'll be praying for him and for the repose of his wife's soul.

Even the best people have a short time on this Earth.

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