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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Yes, Illegal Aliens vote, and in large numbers

And guess who helps them do it?  Take a guess!  Qui Bono?

Forward to our next local election, where the illegal alien presence and an unlawful day labor site were THE issues, I noticed that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in their purple tee shirts, and their local spinoffs were canvassing the town.  I followed them for awhile as they went to homes and neighborhoods where the illegal aliens concentrated, and watched them exit each home or apartment with a new handful of voter registrations.    
Ten years later, nobody at the Registrar's Office is checking citizenship.

This is how Democrats keep winning elections in areas that you would think would normally go Republican.  When you can load 10k illegal alien votes into a race decided by 5k votes, you win.  Outside of the black holes of common sense in urban areas, Democrats cannot win unless they cheat. If Donald Trump manages to convince the GOP to push through voter registration laws, and voter ID laws, he could guarantee that the Democrats would never, ever, EVER get back control of Congress.  

Just think about that.

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