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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Things the MSM doesn't want to report

Single dad went to D.C. to see Trump's inauguration.  Wore a borrowed suit and shoes because he's a single dad and he's flat broke.  Story of single dad gets in newspaper.  Trump reads newspaper, invites single dad to meet him day before inauguration.  Does things like sign autographs and speak with single dad's dad on the phone.  And as he's shaking hands with single dad one last time, hands him a $10,000 personal check to help him out.

Did you see that on CNN?

Did you see that on NBC?

Did you see that on ABC?

Did you see that on MSNBC?

No, nope, negatory and not a chance.

I know Trump's bombastic.  I know he's over the top.  I know he's a showman.  But he also has more class and kindness in his left nostril than Bathhouse Barry Obama has in his entire body.

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