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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

MSM once again peddles Fake News, avoids real news

They're the enemy.  What else do you expect?

Mike Flynn's brief calls and texts with the Russian ambassador should have immediately been dismissed as common diplomatic activity; they weren't, in service of a cynical political end sought by not just the Democratic Party, but by the media outlets themselves. 
However, the Obama White House meetings with Mousavian and Parsi -- dozens of meetings -- can not rationally be attributed as common diplomatic contact. Even after Ben Rhodes spilled his secrets -- and not due to the weight of guilt, but due to pride in his work -- we still do not know the extent of the Obama administration's deceitful behavior during the passage of a bill that holds ramifications for global stability. 
To summarize, the information uncovered by Adam Kredo is real news
The Flynn story has been exposed as nothing notable beyond its potential as a political club; it was fake news
As of this moment, not a single mainstream outlet has picked up the Adam Kredo story.

The link has all the details.  Go read it.  Once again, the Mainstream Media has proven to be worthless, blatantly partisan hacks desperate to damage Trump in any way possible, while covering up for their Lord, God, King and Messiah Bathhouse Barry Obama.

It's who they are.  It's what they do.

Oh, and ABC editing a quote to turn it from a positive to a negative attack on Scott Spicer?  Expect more of that.  And hammer the slimy shitwads when they do it.  Punch back twice as hard.  Make them bleed.

Pull some hair, dammit!

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