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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Here's your good news for the day

Six high school kids volunteer to be pall bearers at a Vet's funeral.

Jerry’s body lay unclaimed for several weeks at Riemann Family Funeral Homes. 
“No one stepped forward,” funeral home worker Cathy Warden told me. “He just didn’t have any family.” 
Miss Cathy explained the situation to her colleague Eva Boomer and together they decided something must be done to give this veteran a proper send off. 
“Something had to be done with respect,” Miss Cathy said. “We had to give him what he deserved. Nobody should go alone.” 
Miss Eva, who is also a veteran, wondered if some of the boys at Long Beach High School might be willing to serve as pallbearers. It was a longshot, though, seeing how most of the students were out on Christmas break. 
But Miss Cathy called her teenage son Bryce who in turn texted some of his friends – and within a matter of minutes, six young men had volunteered to serve at a stranger’s funeral. 
Nobody should go alone.
Every now and then you read something that hits you in the feels.  This one got me.

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