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Monday, January 30, 2017

Bring it on, you commie twatwaffle

A black pre-school (PRE-SCHOOL!!!) teacher wants you to know that she really, really hates white people and that white people have to die.

I say fuck it, bring it on.  I'm tired of this mindless, childish crap.  They want a race war?  Bring it.

Of course, the chances of any race war A) actually starting and B) continuing past one week if it does start is somewhere between 0% and 0.000005%, thereabouts.  It's hard to feed an army on EBT cards, and I know what side has the guns and the experience.

If they actually do want a race war, I wish they'd quit yammering on and get on with it already.


Drumwaster said...

Exactly what do people expect when one side has been preached at for literally YEARS that Republicans are "literally worse than Hitler", and that violence is an acceptable answer to anything from shutting up Nazis (and those worse than Nazis) to even the faintest of "microaggressions" (and that in itself shows the direction they have been pushing for so long - the fact that mere WORDS and IDEAS can be labeled as ANY sort of "aggression" means that using aggression is acceptable in return, macro for micro...

And when they can't find examples of how hateful right-wing folk can be, why, they will just make some up, and rely on the Media to either accept the Narrative utterly uncritically, or to drop it completely when the Narrative Applecart is in danger of being bumped by the newest tossed-under-the-bus identity group du jour. Remember Code Pink? Not a single word about them during Obama's 8 years, but there's a Republican in the White House now, so female genitalia is all the rage again.

Come, children, let me show you how soldiers make the grass grow...

brinster said...

F*****g white people? Capitalism? Two of the great scourges of the earth, doncha know?
Let us contemplate. Who was it who ended slavery in this country? Was it Samoans? East Africans? Chinese? The Algonquins? Who was it who gave women the right to vote? Who was it who enacted the voting rights act? The civil rights act?
That's right sister, it was those f*****g white MEN!
Feed a cornered rat, and this is what happens.
Time to purchase more ammo.

brinster said...

Yesterday I exercised my white privilege while sweeping the snow off my wife's PT Cruiser, in sub-freezing, windy weather. That's what I get for giving the slaves the day off.

Ragin' Dave said...

It's the picture perfect example of projection - they want to hold me to blame for the actions of people I do not know, I have never met, and who I am not related to, simple for the color of my skin.

In short, that's a racist bitch right there.

I do fear what will happen if that bigoted cow ever gets the race war she wants. I expect it'll go something like this:

Blacks from Democrat-controlled urban area go on rampage.
Rampage progresses outside of Democrat-controlled urban area.
Rural Victims of said rampage shoot back, ending rampage quickly via attrition.
Riot ends; whites blamed for being racist.

Deserttrek said...

twatwaffle ... a new one and I like it, might be a bit polite for this c**t thhough