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Monday, October 16, 2017

Am I glad I voted for him?

How's Trump doing these days, eh?

Now, almost nine months into his first term, how is he doing? Real unemployment is on the wane. The stock market is at an historic high. So is consumer confidence. Illegal immigration is down nearly 70 percent. America is now a net exporter of energy. Just a few days ago, Trump declined to re-certify the malevolent nuclear deal that Obama made with Iran, winning from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu this commendation: “I congratulate President Trump for his courageous decision today. He boldly confronted Iran’s terrorist regime. . . . If the Iran deal is left unchanged, one thing is absolutely certain—in a few years’ time, the world’s foremost terrorist regime will have an arsenal of nuclear weapons and that’s a tremendous danger for our collective future.” 
Just a couple of days ago, Trump, having been disappointed by a supine Republican Congress, issued an executive order that will make it easier for people to band together to obtain health insurance tailored to their needs (instead of being forced into federally defined, one-size-fits-all plans) while also ending the unconstitutional federal subsidies (unconstitutional because the money wasn’t appropriated by Congress) to big insurance companies, amounting to some $7 billion per year (the price of getting those companies on board with Obamacare in the first place).

Can you imagine how much we could have accomplished of the GOP Establishment wasn't a bunch of big-government socialist fucktards trying to stymie Trump at every turn?  Ho.  Lee.  Crap.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Friday, October 13, 2017

Step One in repealing Obamacare

Just happened.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday that will allow Americans to purchase health insurance across state lines. 
The order is intended to expand choices to current Obamacare plans and increase competition so that costs come down for consumers.

If Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan were actual conservatives, instead of money-grubbing, scum-sucking, big-government Democrat swamp dwellers, legislation to do this would have been sitting on Trump's desk on day one.  Instead, we got...  nothing.  McConnell and Ryan have fought harder to keep DACA than they have to repeal Obamacare.

But since Obamacare was pretty much an executive order, with a bunch of executive orders pushing it along, I'm fine with repealing it by executive order.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

This ain't good

The fish rots from the head, doesn't it?

First and foremost, standards at West Point are nonexistent. They exist on paper, but nowhere else. The senior administration at West Point inexplicably refuses to enforce West Point’s publicly touted high standards on cadets, and, having picked up on this, cadets refuse to enforce standards on each other. The Superintendent refuses to enforce admissions standards or the cadet Honor Code, the Dean refuses to enforce academic standards, and the Commandant refuses to enforce standards of conduct and discipline. The end result is a sort of malaise that pervades the entire institution. Nothing matters anymore. Cadets know this, and it has given rise to a level of cadet arrogance and entitlement the likes of which West Point has never seen in its history. 
Even the curriculum itself has suffered. The plebe American History course has been revamped to focus completely on race and on the narrative that America is founded solely on a history of racial oppression. Cadets derisively call it the “I Hate America Course.” Simultaneously, the plebe International History course now focuses on gender to the exclusion of many other important themes. On the other hand, an entire semester of military history was recently deleted from the curriculum (at West Point!). In all courses, the bar has been lowered to the point where it is irrelevant. If a cadet fails a course, the instructor is blamed, so instructors are incentivized to pass everyone. Additionally, instead of responding to cadet failure with an insistence that cadets rise to the challenge and meet the standard, the bar for passing the course itself is simply lowered. This pattern is widespread and pervades every academic department.

I have dealt with several West Pointers in my career.  With the exception of one of them, I have found them to be....  underwhelming.  In one case I wondered how the hell they ever managed to obtain the rank they did, given their complete, total and overwhelming lack of any kind of leadership what so ever.

I guess now I know.

This brings me to the case of now-2LT Spenser Rapone. It is not at all surprising that the Academy turned a blind eye to his behavior and to his very public hatred of West Point, the Army, and this nation. I knew at the time I wrote that sworn statement in 2015 that he would go on to graduate. It is not so much that West Point’s leadership defends his views (Prof. Hosein did, however); it is that West Point’s senior leaders are infected with apathy: they simply do not want to deal with any problem, regardless of how grievous a violation of standards and/or discipline it may be. They are so reticent to separate problematic cadets (undoubtedly due to the “developmental model” that now exists at USMA) that someone like Rapone can easily slip through the cracks. In other words, West Point’s leaders choose the easier wrong over the harder right.

This cannot and will not end well for the Army.  Commie Twatwaffles like Spenser Rapone will end up being "unfortunately killed by the enemy by a 5.56 round through the back of the skull" in a combat zone.  An Army who's leadership is so morally bankrupt cannot lead Soldiers into war.  Soldiers know if their leadership is worthy or not, and they act accordingly.

Huge number of people at West Point need to be relieved of command and responsibility.  The sooner the better.

Will Harvey Weinstein help bring down Hollywood?

I doubt it.  There are too many perverts, creeps, degenerates and flat out rapists in power and in control.  But it sure is fun to watch them squirm for a bit.

Seydoux says she saw Weinstein making similar moves on a young actress at a subsequent event. “That’s the most disgusting thing,” she writes, “Everyone knew what Harvey was up to and no one did anything. It’s unbelievable that he’s been able to act like this for decades and still keep his career.”

The heads of Hollywood have done something I had previously thought impossible - they have made me think even LESS of Hollywood in general.  I didn't think my opinion of Hollywood and the entertainment industry could get any lower.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

NFL writes a pathetic letter

Gosh, wouldn't it be so nice if everybody stood for the National Anthem?

It's not enough.  Not by a long shot.

Note that the letter (which can be viewed here, if the above pic isn't big enough to read) sticks to this "we believe" and "we would like" type language. It never invokes the actual rulebook, nor does it instruct anyone that they must stand for the flag. 
Personally, I hope that more players take the knee. Burn it down. Let the NFL serve as horrifying example of what happens when you go Full SJW Retard.
At this point, it would take a hell of a lot more than this to bring me back to watching football.  This is one of the most mealy-mouthed, pathetic, whinging bits of dumb-fuckery that I've seen in a while.  This doesn't solve anything this just pisses people off.  Rodger Goodell should loose his job for this.  Hell, he should have lost his job when he did absolutely nothing while that fucktard from the 49's started kneeling in violation of the NFL's own rules.

I was listening to Rush yesterday, and he pointed out "Does nobody even look at the ads the NFL plays during games?  Do they really think their fans are the wine and brie set?"  More and more I'm convinced that these people got to where they are through a combination of dumb luck and old money, because anyone who's bothered to watch a game, and the commercials during that game, could deduce rather quickly who the NFL fans are and what they would think about kneeling during the National Anthem.  Apparently, the NFL owners, and marketing people, and Rodger Goodell, are too fucking stupid to do even that.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sadly, I agree with her.

We can't trust the FBI.

The FBI is discounting ISIS’ claim that the Las Vegas attack was jihad. But is the FBI really trustworthy? 
The Islamic State says Steven Paddock converted six months ago. He filmed himself killing; jihadis do that and post it online. The attack was meticulously planned, as jihad attacks are, and Paddock likely had an accomplice. Paddock made numerous trips to the Middle East. Over 200 of his foreign financial transactions were flagged for possible “covert terrorism financing.” 
Contrary to the ignorant, misinformed and delusional talking heads in the media, ISIS does not take responsibility for events that are not theirs. This has led even the New York Times’ terrorism expert to give credence to ISIS’ claims. The Philippines attack at Resorts World Casino was theirs. And there again, ISIS’ initial claims of responsibility were dismissed.

The absolute shitshow that is James Comey, Robert Muller, the entire DOJ refusal to go after the government officials who broke the law (and are currently breaking the law), the hounding of private citizens for political reasons....  I can go on.  Geller does go on, and you should read the whole thing.  But that this point the FBI is a political entity used to attack the Right.  The CIA is worse.

Seriously, one massive reason Donald Trump got elected is because the average person does not trust the government.  And why should they?  Exactly what actions have the government taken to prove that they're trustworthy?  I can name multiple actions to prove why they are UN-trustworthy.

Drum, if you wanna get away, I know a few places you can go....

Because this shit right here makes me think that societal collapse isn't too far behind in Kalifornia.

Beginning in 2018, California law will have harsher penalties for health care workers who address a senior transgender patient with the “wrong” pronouns than for people who knowingly infect others with HIV. 
California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation on Friday lowering the maximum penalty for knowingly infecting or exposing a person to HIV to six months in prison — down from a maximum of eight years. Also last week, Brown signed legislation allowing for penalties of up to one year in jail for health care workers who “willfully and repeatedly” use the “wrong” pronouns to refer to a senior transgender patient.

I will not be going back to Kalifornia  Ever.  I certainly won't be having any kinds of surgery in Kalifornia, because people with HIV can now donate blood in Kalifornia and get nothing but a slap on the wrist for it.  Ain't Leftism grand?

I know there are people in Kalifornia who are good, honest, hard working people.  But that state is controlled by Los Angeles and San Fransicko, and those are two cities who deserve the whole Sodom and Gomorrah treatment.

Monday, October 09, 2017

Happy Columbus Day

If Columbus hadn't sailed the Ocean Blue, then folks here would still be slaughtering each other, enslaving each other, starving to death, and performing human sacrifices a bit further South.

Think that's harsh?  It is.  America wasn't some Utopian Paradise until the White Man showed up.

It's Monday

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Soon-to-be-Mr-Rapone well known as Commie Twatwaffle

By the "leadership" at West Point.

Heffington notes in his report that he told Rapone he did not understand what “putting someone on blast” meant, a rare comedic moment in an otherwise infuriating account. Rapone’s response, that he felt “singled out,” is puzzling when one considers the lengths to which the cadet went in order to cast himself as a righteous nonconformist. 
In fact, Rapone had singled himself out during his confrontation with Heffington, being in civilian clothes in an academic building (a violation of regulations), by refusing to stand when a superior officer entered the room (a breach of military protocol), and by refusing to answer a superior officer’s direct question regarding who had been yelling (refusal to obey a lawful order). 
Most incredibly, Rapone had the gall to respond with righteous indignation.

This Marxist fuckstick has no business being in the military, much less being in charge of troops.

In November 2015, after being removed from his Ranger battalion for violating standards, Rapone was a cadet in his final year at the academy. 

He should have been removed from West Point right then and there.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

These people actually think they're smarter than you

Like the reporter who breathlessly reported that the Las Vegas killer used "automatic rounds".  (link goes to Ace of Spades.)

Are you fucking kidding me with that? You have 100 conservative gun expert bloggers and reporters trying to explain to you the difference between semi-auto action and full auto action (and revolver action, etc.) every time a fucking gun crime occurs, and you put your hands over your ears and say "My ears are hurting" like that childish retard on MSNBC. 
Every single time. This is not our first go-round on this, Media Gun Control Experts. It's not even our hundredth go-round. 
Actual gun owners and experts are begging to explain the basics to you -- but you won't listen. Instead, you babble on ignorantly about "automatic rounds" and the modifications you need to make to your gun to get it to fire these exotic bullets.

Anyone who has spent five minutes at a gun range knows there are no such things as automatic rounds.  Anyone who bothers to look things up online knows there are no such things as automatic rounds. 

But apparently this asshat with a by-line can't be bothered to do thirty seconds of internet research, and instead goes into hysterics because he says automatic rounds aren't illegal.

Well yes, mythical items that don't exist cannot truly be made illegal.

I really can't add anything to what Ace says.

You can't make this shit up

Equifax, which just lost millions of people's personal identity information, was just handed a fat contract by the IRS to "verify" taxpayer identities.

The notice describes the contract as a "sole source order", meaning Equifax is the only company deemed capable of providing the service.  It says the order was issued to prevent a lapse in identity checks while officials resolve a dispute over a separate contract.

Folks, I've dealt with fiscal law and contracts and all kinds of money issues while working for the Army.  If I did some shit like this, I'd be in jail.  The people responsible for this should also be in jail.  This is why nobody trusts the government - because it's corrupt, refuses to follow the law, and is filled with unaccountable parasites who get away with their law-breaking because parasites protect their own.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

This is what they do in their countries

This is what they will do in ours.  All the moral preening about "diversity" can't hide the fact that importing large numbers of men who have no problem raping women means that they will just rape the women in your country instead of theirs.

Monday, October 02, 2017

Oh holy crap

Las Vegas Shooting.  At least 50 dead.

What the hell is going on?

Edmonton Terrorist is a Somali "refugee"

At this point, I wouldn't allow one single more person from Somalia into this country.  Not one.

The terrorist has now been identified as Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, a Somali national who was granted refugee status in Canada. Like most such terrorists, he is a “known wolf.”

If you want to see the effects of large-scale Somali immigration, go visit "Little Mogadishu" in Minneapolis.  Nope.  No thank you, not where I live.

The Psychology

of Overrated Art.  I have found that most modern art is something that could be recreated by a mentally-challenged three-year-old, and that all concepts of beauty and inspiration are gone.  You won't catch me inside a modern art gallery.

There's plenty of art that I do enjoy.  But much like I thin JS Bach is superior to 99.9999% of modern music, I find the paintings of Renaissance painters who's names I don't even know superior to the crap produced today and called "art".

Found via Insty.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Friday, September 29, 2017

I am somewhat surprised

At how many homeless people are in Salt Lake City.  It's so bad that businesses have signs up begging people not to give money to panhandlers.

Things you subsidize, you get more of.

I recall listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio one day, and he had a caller on talking about how many people were asking for help from the local church.  The folks at the church were in a bit of a bind, because the number of people asking for help dwarfed what resources they had.  Ramsey told them to ask those who were asking for a hand-out to volunteer at the church.  Something nominal, like a couple hours a week just helping around the place.

Apparently, the people called back, and said that the number of people asking for help had been cut in half.

I submit to you that if you're not willing to do a couple of hours work for the help you're receiving, then you don't need help all that much.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Fuck the NFL sideways with a chainsaw

When an Army Ranger who made it as an OL is harassed by his coach into apologizing for STANDING FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM, then the NFL can officially kiss my ass.

Fuck the NFL.  Fuck the Pittsburg Steelers.  Fuck Mike Tomlin.  And fuck every single over-paid pampered crybaby who whines about oppression while making millions of dollars playing a game.

Fuck them all.  I'm done with them, and I'm not watching a single fucking game from here on out.  And I'm not the only one.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

I can't wait for Hockey season to start.

I'm not watching a single fucking game today

Fuck the NFL sideways with a chainsaw.

These pampered idiotic pieces of shit can kiss my ass.  Hit 'em where it hurts; right in the wallet.

Yeah, this is a big deal

And it shows just what a complete and utter shitshow Jorge Bergolio is for the Catholic Church.

A group of clergy and lay scholars from around the world have taken the very rare step of presenting Pope Francis with a formal filial correction, accusing him of propagating heresies concerning marriage, the moral life, and reception of the sacraments. 
Entitled Correctio filialis de haeresibus propagatis, meaning ‘A Filial Correction Concerning the Propagation of Heresies,’ the 25 page letter was delivered to the Holy Father at his Santa Marta residence on Aug. 11. 
The filial correction, the first to be made of a reigning Pontiff since Pope John XXII was admonished in 1333, is divided into three main parts.

As I like to say, Bergolio isn't the Anti-Christ.  But he is the anti-pope.

Friday, September 22, 2017

I see that John Fucking McCain is up to his usual bullshit

And John Fucking McCain is working hard to make sure that Chuck Schumer is the Senate Majority Leader.

How much longer will we have to put up with this shitstain?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Trump gave a speech

The usual folks hated it.  At this point, if I see a Democrat screeching and pulling their hair out in a fit of rage over something Trump said, I know that he probably did OK.

Monday, September 18, 2017

The internet here is slow as hell

So not only do I not have time to post, but when I do post it takes forever.


So apparently there was some TV show about TV on TV last night

And I didn't watch one single bit of it.

And apparently, I'm not alone.  The Emmys hit an all-time low.  Good.  I hope next year is lower.  And the next year lower yet.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Sure, go ahead, trust them! They're from the government!

Top.  Men.  

When not pushing people into fake robberies, the ATF regulates alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. (Also explosives, but it makes the well-known acronym more than a bit clumsy.) To facilitate maximum price gouging by state governments, the ATF tries to break up untaxed cigarette sales.
It's this simple work that has propelled an accountability-free explosion in the ATF, most of it traced back to a single office in Bristol, Virginia, fronted by a quasi-legitimate tobacco distributor. From there, an appalling amount of illegal activity was participated in by ATF agents and officials. 
Matt Apuzzo has put together an amazing story for the New York Times, sourced from interviews and public records requests -- one that will cause your jaw to drop lower the further you scroll down the page. As Apuzzo puts it, the operation began as a way to bust black-market cigarette sales. It ended up as something much more sinister: an ATF slush fund that mixed public and private money with zero oversight or statutory authority. If any agent needed anything -- from vending machines with cameras in them to credit cards for unquestioned expenses -- they went to Bristol. It was done in the government's name, but plenty of agents personally profited from the operation.

The ATF needs to be abolished.  It is corrupt, unaccountable, and tyrannical to the people caught up in its path.  There is not a single ATF agent you can trust, because even if that single agent is a good guy, he works for a bureaucracy that is corrupt, unaccountable and tyrannical.

Add the ATF to the list of departments that are helping to destroy America and need to be wiped away.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Saturday, September 09, 2017

So, I'm a bit busy

Here's my schedule right now -

0430 - wake up.  Do PT.  Get ready for class.  Go to class.  Eat Breakfast.  Go to class.  Eat lunch.  Go to class.  Eat dinner.  Do homework.  Hit the rack at around 2130-2200 or so.  Repeat.

If there's anyone who would like a chance to blog here, let me know.  I'm going to be reeeeeeeally light on posting for the next few weeks or so.

Well, SHIT!

Jerry Pournelle has passed.

RIP to a legend.  He truly was a genius, and had a greater effect on our society than folks might know.

Oh crap, this thing is still on!

And I've been a bad boy.  Mea Culpa.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

So apparently Trump "cut a deal" on the debt ceiling with the Democrats

Not great.  Not good optics.  But since Ryan and McConnell had already announced their surrender on the debt ceiling, exactly what should Trump have done?

The shitshow that is currently unfolding in D.C. is entirely the fault of the GOP refusing to lift one damn finger to do what they promised to do.  We know what the Democrats will do.  We know what they want.  They're communists, Marxists and tyrants.  The GOP was supposed to be the opposition, not the doormats for the Marxist commies.

At this point, if Trump can get rid of Ryan and/or McConnell, that would be a YUGE win for us.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Not Citizens

That's about all that needs to be said, innit?  Time for Juan, Pablo and Guadalupe to head back home.  The rule of law once again means something, even if just for a tiny bit.

Oh, and the protests outside the White House where the illegal aliens are screaming in SPANISH?  Yeah, that's a GREAT way to show how American you are!

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

A portrait of "Eww".

Here's how the Left would like America to look.

That pic in the upper Left is a good example of why we left Seattle in the dust in 2004.  Because pretty much everyone in our age group was starting to look like that.

Monday, September 04, 2017

The Cancer inside the GOP

Paul Ryan is just another tumor growing from it.

Yeah, so after nearly two years of tiresome finger-wagging about “the Rule of Law” and how we need to put our “principles” above our desire for “winning,” the whole sordid scam we always knew it always was is revealed for the world to see. They can’t hide it anymore and they aren’t even trying. Their glorious “conservative principles” aren’t principles at all but a skeevy ploy designed to tie our hands and keep us from pursuing policy goals our establishment coalition partners disfavor. They want open borders. They want illegals. They want cheap foreign labor that doesn’t get uppity to man their donors’ corporations so the Captains of Crony Capitalism don’t have to fuss with American workers who won’t tolerate being treated like chattel. Yeah, “we’re better than that” all right – if you mean that we are better than enforcing the laws the American people passed through a constitutional process if the ruling class decides it doesn’t like them.

As of right now, the GOP has fought harder to keep DACA and allow hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to stay in this country than they fought to repeal Obamacare, which they promised for years they were going to get rid of.

So in short, the GOP, especially the GOP leadership, is a bunch of gutless, pathetic, big-government nanny-state LIARS.

Paul Ryan might has well paint his face orange and call himself John Boehner.  Mitch McConnell is still doing more damage to the GOP than the Democrats could have ever hoped to do on their own, and the voters who expected the GOP to do the things they said they would do are furious.  It's almost like the GOP wants to give congress back to the American Communist Party in 2018.

The good thing is that Paul Ryan has a primary challenger and it looks like the challenger is doing rather well.  Huh.  Go figure!

And I don't want to hear ONE DAMN WORD about what a "conservative" is from these lying fucking shitheads.  They haven't conserved ONE DAMN THING.  You want to know why the Alt-Right is growing?  Because the Republican Party has become nothing but the Democrat-Lite Party, and everybody knows it.  Why vote for the same poison just because it'll kill you in twice the time?

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Striking a memory

I submit to you that the 90's produced more good music than almost any other decade since the 1940's.

That's not saying other decades didn't produce good music.  but from about 1992 to 1999, more good bands put out good songs than almost any time previous, and certain ever since then.

Of course, it also put out Nirvana.  But don't hold that against it.

I maybe shoulda saved this for tomorrow..

But I hardly post on a Sunday anyways.

A multimillionaire nearing the end of his life was distraught because he had worked so hard for his wealth and he wanted to be able to take it with him when he died. He prayed and asked God if he could do so. 
“Sorry,” God said. “Rules are rules.” 
But the man begged and pleaded, and eventually God relented. 
“All right, you win,” God said. “I’ll make an exception just this once. You can bring one suitcase.” 
Overjoyed, the man took his largest suitcase, filled it with bars of pure gold, and set it beside his bed. 
Not long afterward, the man died and arrived at the gates of heaven. St. Peter took one look at the suitcase and said, “You can’t bring that in here.” 
The man explained that he had special permission from God. St. Peter was skeptical, but went to check the story out. After a while he returned. 
“You’re right,” Peter said. “God says you’re allowed one suitcase. But I’ll have to check its contents before letting it through.” 
St. Peter opened the suitcase to inspect the worldly goods that the man had found too precious to leave behind, and said in astonishment, “You brought pavement?”

Just a reminder, courtesy of here.

Friday, September 01, 2017

700,000 job openings if DACA ends

I say close that shit down now.  The best part?  This study was released by the pro-illegal-alien Zuckerberg Group, who thought they were going to milk the feelz about how hard it would be on the poor little illegal aliens who would have to leave.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

We're getting screwed

Americans spent more on taxes than food and clothing combined.  And what are we getting for it?  Bankrupt entitlement programs, trillions upon trillions of dollars of debt, and a looming budget crisis that will probably wipe out the economy of this country when it occurs.

Feel pissed off yet?

Comey the Crook

James Comey was writing the exoneration of Hillary Clinton long before interviewing key witnesses.

Former FBI Director James Comey started to draft a statement exonerating Hillary Clinton in the bureau's investigation into her use of a private email server before the FBI interviewed her or her key witnesses, the Senate Judiciary Committee said Thursday. 
"Conclusion first, fact-gathering second — that's no way to run an investigation. The FBI should be held to a higher standard than that, especially in a matter of such great public interest and controversy," Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Judiciary Subcommittee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said in a letter to the FBI.

What a slimy shitwad.  You want to know why Trump got elected?  Because Americans are tired of the politically connected getting off scott-free while the rest of us have to suffer under the laws those same politically connected assholes create.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Some people just have to pee on the electric fence for themselves

Like the CEO of Camping World, who essentially told Trump supporters not to shop at his stores.

Serial entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis had some choice words on Wednesday about those who may support President Donald Trump's response to the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. 
"There's no doubt that there is probably not many consumers in this country today that are in favor of what has been said in the last couple days and if they are, quite frankly, don't shop at my business," said Lemonis, who is CEO of Camping World and host of CNBC's "The Profit." 
In a chaotic Tuesday news conference, Trump appeared to equate torch-bearing white nationalists with the protesters who demonstrated against them.
Oh, Trump "appeared" to equate both sides?  You mean watching a group of black-masked thugs with shields and clubs beating people, rioting and destroying things, then calling that group culpable, is somehow bad?

I wonder if the CEO of Camping World bothered to take a look at his customer base before he blurted out his stupidity for the world to see....

As for me, there's a local shop around here called "Green Top" that the Mrs. and I prefer to spend our cash at rather than wasting it at a store run by some SJW who hates me.

I think he's a bit upset

I knew the prosecution of Joe Arpaio was a political hit job, but I didn't know how much.

I'm willing to bet he's holding back just a little bit.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

In today's non-political post

Here's some weird music that Dave likes.

Her voice might grate on some people's ears.  I think it has a celtic lilt to it, almost like a Delores O'Riordan kinda sound.  Who I was madly in love with back when I was a yoot.  Cute girls with a unique voice will do that to me, what can I say.

And of course, the true test:  Here's what she sounds like live, with just a guitar for accompaniment.

That's not an auto-tuned voice.

Monday, August 28, 2017

We know what their plan is

And it goes along these lines:  "Collaborate with Democrats until the rubes settle down, and then get back to business as usual".

I’m looking for a plan, not another lecture, not another mournful dirge to my lack of True Conservativishness, not another spittle-flecked outburst from some nepotism-pumped hack whose influence has recently waned after years of ineffective “conservative leadership.” We have Trump, and at least he’s not Hillary. At least we aren’t actively losing, and we’re even winning occasionally. If you have a better idea, then stop sitting on the sidelines complaining and share your plan. The rest of us, the ones out on the field with dirt under our fingernails, are awaiting your insights.

As has been made abundantly clear over the past eight months, the GOP had no plan, no balls, no spine, and no heart.  And so here we are, with Republicans supposedly controlling The House, the Senate and the Presidency, and yet Democrats are still running the entire legislative process.

Mitch McConnell is fucking pathetic.  Paul Ryan is clueless and has more in common with the Democrats than he does the people who elected him.  The only person who seems to want to get anything done is Donald Trump, and since that spineless fucking bitch McConnell has essentially turned the Senate over to Chuck Schumer, there's a fat chance if Trump's agenda getting done.

The GOP has well and truly eaten a bullet.  I doubt we'll retain Congress past 2020 if we manage to hold it in 2018, and it is entirely due to the GOP being a bunch of gutless whores and bitch-boys for the Democrat Party.  Why should I vote for a Republican when all they're going to do is lube up their ass and bend over for the Marxists?

Yeah, that's crude.  And it doesn't contain half the venom and hostility I have for the GOP right now.

YouTube sucks on the shotgun barrel

It seems that YouTube is no longer hiding the fact that they're just another SJW converged platform, and they're going after anyone with dissenting opinions hard and fast.

Whelp....  I'll use them until enough people get on Vid.Me or another platform, and then I'll kick them to the curb.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

So there was a fight last night

Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.  Apparently, McGregor lost after nine rounds by TKO.

I give approximately two shits.  It was boxing.  And boxing to me is a dead sport.  You've got all the MMA sports out there, and then you have a sport where a pampered little bitch like Mayweather is making millions for running away from the actual hard fights.

Think that's harsh?  Tell me who exactly did Mayweather fight in their prime?  Or think about this, Conor McGregor, because he's a man and not a scared little bitch, left the sport he's the best at and moved over to boxing in order to fight Mayweather.  Do you think for one second, one single solitary second, that Floyd Mayweather would have done the same in order to fight McGregor?

Hell no.  Floyd Mayweather wouldn't even fight Manny Pacquiao in his prime, because Floyd Mayweather is a scared little bitch who won't take any challenge that might affect his record.  Floyd Mayweather's entire career can be summed up by one sentence:  Take No Risks.

BUT DAVE, HE'S 50-0!!!!

Oh yeah?  Tell me who he's fought.  Without searching for it on the internet.  And you don't get to use McGregor because I just mentioned that here.  Hell, tell me who the current heavyweight champion is without looking it up first.

Go on.....

Yeah.  Boxing is dead.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Trump pardons Joe Arpaio

And let's be honest - the Federal government took Arpaio to court for doing the job that the FedGov was supposed to do but refused to do.  The FedGov's prosecution of Arpaio was completely political. And this pardon is completely political, but if someone is prosecuted and sentenced for Leftist politic's sake, then I have no problem with the pardon being political as well.

I hope Arpaio enjoys his retirement.

Friday, August 25, 2017

File this under "Why the Catholic Church is shrinking"

Or lat least the Novus Ordo church.  Vatican II, for you non Catholics out there.  Catholic school removing Catholic statues to be more "inclusive".

When you refuse to even admit your own faith, how in the hell do you expect others to accept it?  Everyone at work knows I'm Catholic.  Proudly Catholic.  I certainly don't cringe and try to hide my faith.  But then, I actually believe in God, unlike most of the modern day "Christians", or as I prefer to label them - Churchians.

Rather than indoctrinate students in Catholic theology, San Domenico provides students with instruction in world religions and philosophy.

A Catholic school that refuses to teach Catholicism.  They're Catholic in name only at this point.  I can't even begin to put my disgust into words.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Yeah, Pretty Much.

The Democrat wing of the Republican Party is upset with it's voters.  Too bad.  Either they listen to us, or they won't like what comes next.

What's the end game for these preening, posturing doofuses who call themselves Republicans, but who can't pass a CNN camera without slamming their party’s president? There is a lot of blue falconry going on in the GOP right now, and while it's pretty clear why, what's not so clear is what these fair weather frauds believe they're accomplishing. 

For those who don't know, a Blue Falcon is a military man who screws over his fellow Soldiers.  Blue Falcon.  B.F.  Buddy Fucker.

And it's following the same path as it did under GWB.  The Left was howling mad, screaming for blood, calling Republicans everything they could think of.  And the GOP did...  well, Denny Hastert, the Speaker of the House for the GOP, was screwing little boys and protecting Democrat criminals in Congress.  Which was just one more reason the GOP lost big in 2006.

So far the Republicans in Congress have shown themselves to be even more neutered little bitches now that Donald Trump is in office.  They actually have a chance to enact the legislation they've been promising for YEARS that they'll push if they get the chance, and instead they side with the Democrats and play kissy-kissy with disgusting Marxists like Chuck Schumer.

Mitch McConnell's approval rate in Kentucky is 18%.  Let that sink in.  We the People are pissed.  Mightily pissed.

And I think 18% might just be the high water mark for the rest of his political career.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Yeah, I'm still busy

You know, the older I get the more shit there is to do.

I figure by the time I die I'll be busier than I ever was.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Raping the girls that Americans don't want to rape

Illegal alien raped SEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL "thousands of times".

Sick pervert had already been deported twice.  Hey, how's that wall coming, Trump?

Actually, that's a question for the worthless, spineless, idiotic Quislings in Congress, innit?

$72 Million will buy you a lot of health care

And technically speaking, I guess it did buy a lot of health care.  But it went to people who had no business using that money.

An estimated $72 million in Medicaid payments were made to potentially ineligible beneficiaries in Kentucky, according to an audit from the agency's inspector general. 
The audit found the state agency in Kentucky did not always determine eligibility status for Medicaid benefits in line with federal and state requirements and that the agency did not keep paperwork noting it verified citizenship status.
Ever driven around Kentucky?  That $72 mil could do a lot of good, if it actually went to the people it was supposed to go to.

Monday, August 21, 2017

If your 8 year old boy is a drag queen, you are a horrible parent.

And this is a form of child abuse.

On Friday, the global fashion magazine Elle published a video featuring an 8-year-old boy named Nemis dressing up as a drag queen named Lactatia. 
"I've been wearing my sister's tutu since I was like threes and fours, even like twos, and I've been dancing around in my little pink dresses and stuff, so yeah I think I've had Lactatia inside me since I was born, that's why I love that song 'Born This Way,'" Nemis said in the video.
How many kids knew what lactating was when they were eight?  Anyone?  Raise your hands....

"I think I've had Lactatia inside me since I was born".  I think mommy was putting Lactatia inside you since you were born, kiddo.  And nowhere in that entire piece is daddy mentioned.  Huh.  Go figure.

Just wait till the testosterone kicks in.  This kid is in for a mind-warping change.  That is, if mommy dearest doesn't jam hormone blockers into him in yet another episode of child abuse that will screw him up for decades to come.

RIP Jerry Lewis

Here's another legend gone.  Although, it's hard to say "OH WHAT A SHAME!" when a guy dies at 91, after a successful movie career, and decades spent raising money for a cause he believed in.

Legendary funnyman Jerry Lewis — whose slapstick antics with actor Dean Martin and tireless efforts to fight muscular dystrophy made him a household name for generations — died Sunday. 
The Newark, NJ, native was 91. Lewis died of natural causes at his Las Vegas home, with his family by his side, according to his publicist, Candi Cazau.
He had a hell of a life.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


This band has so much talent it's almost painful to watch.

Most modern bands would love to sound that good on a studio track.  This is LIVE.


Walked into my co-worker's office.  They're PAO.  That's Public Affairs, or military reporters for you civilians out there.

Them:  showing their photos of various folks they took pictures with when they were deployed.

Me:  Is that Robin Williams?  Cool!

Them:  Yep!  And her too!  (points at picture)

Me:  Um...  who's the zombie?

Them:  That's Joan Jett! (lots of outrage)

Me:  Um....    wow, Joan Jett looks like a zombie!

Maybe when folks hit sixty or seventy, they can stop dying their hair black?  Because black hair on the head of someone who's the age of my parents makes them look like a zombie.

Just sayin.

I doubt they'll be showing me any more pictures.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Goolag's "algorithm" is just a Blacklist

Big Brother, making sure that bad-think is de-monetized.

Goolag doesn't like certain thoughts, so they try to suppress them.  It's that simple.

Antifa nazi assaults woman who was holding the US Flag

Yeah.  This is the Democrat Party.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Terror attack in Spain

You would think that Spain, of all places, would understand the true cost of allowing muslims into their country.  How quickly people forget the cost of their current lives, and how many people died so that some overly-comfortable idiot can allow the invaders back in.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Remember, Democrats only win the elections that they steal

US has 3.5 million more registered voters than actual living adult citizens.

Murdock counted Judicial Watch's state-by-state tally and found that 462 U.S. counties had a registration rate exceeding 100% of all eligible voters. That's 3.552 million people, who Murdock calls "ghost voters." And how many people is that? There are 21 states that don't have that many people. 
Nor are these tiny, rural counties or places that don't have the wherewithal to police their voter rolls. 
California, for instance, has 11 counties with more registered voters than actual voters. Perhaps not surprisingly — it is deep-Blue State California, after all — 10 of those counties voted heavily for Hillary Clinton.

You don't say!

Yeah, pretty much

J.J. Sefton lays out pretty much what I want to say to the GOP, and the various idiots in charge of said party:

Good morning kids. The Republican Party is no more. It is dead. It has ceased to be. It has joined the choir invisible and is pushing up the daisies. In the wake of last November's election, perhaps the most stunning upset in at least a generation and a complete shock to the Deep State establishment, instead of parlaying its victory and national mandate to begin the attempt to rollback the last eight to possibly 50 years of the Fabian Socialist counter-revolution, this collection of thieves, drunk on their own power and influence, have decided it better to keep lining their pockets by protecting their ideologically-driven Marxist cohorts in the Democrat Party than to try and save some vestige of the nation and system that got them elected in the first place.  
But wait; there's more. And it's worse by orders of magnitude. Not content to merely play the role of Emanuel Goldstein with a wink and a nod to the Democrats and their Media overlords, with the victory of Donald Trump, their hatred of this man and by extension we who elected him has caused this group of supine stooges to actually lose their minds. John McCain, Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio are consciously and willingly helping to mainstream the ranks of Democrat-protected and funded terrorists and anarchists while blood-libeling we the people and the President as racist crackpots. It would be bad enough if these three bastards were merely backbenchers from a battleground state. They're not; they are leaders of the party and presidential candidates, two of whom were nominees. In the name of God, do you not know what you're doing?! Are you that spiteful and greedy as to not understand the goals and motivations of the people with whom you have just jumped into bed?!

The GOP hates its own voters at this point.  The party leadership and the party base couldn't be further apart if they tried.  The GOP establishment is essentially the Democrat wing of the GOP; they have more in common with the Democrats than they have with the people who's votes they court.  If you needed any more proof, just take a look at the election last year.

The two people in the running who had any chance what so ever of getting the nomination were outsiders to the GOP.  Every single GOP establishment politician dropped off the radar.  Even some good ones like Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal couldn't remove the GOP stain from their candidacy, and thus got the boot.  Being associated with Jeb Bush was the kiss of death in the 2016 race.

And now you have people like the human shitstain, John F'n McCain, who has used his "war hero" status to deflect attention from his decades upon decades of corrupt, self-serving time as a Senator, actively attacking Donald Trump every chance he gets.

The GOP isn't just The Stupid Party.  At this point, its the Suicidal Party as well.  Because it's killing itself by shooting at the people who vote for the GOP.  Or at least, the people who USED to vote for the GOP.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

On Charlottesville and the riots

Just what the hell did people expect, anyways?

First of all: the "Alt-Right", as the Leftist Media wants to call them, was organized by a Leftist Obama supporter.  That will never turn out well.  Just sayin.

The Leftists, who did NOT have a permit to march or protest, showed up with the intention of committing violence.  For that matter, so did the "Unite the Right" people.  However, the "Unite" folks applied for, and were granted a permit for their protest.  The Leftists?  Nope.

So let me put it this way, and let's take political labels out of the equation, shall we?  A group of people who followed the law were met by people who didn't follow the law.  The people who followed the law expected violence and came ready to fight.  The people who didn't follow the law wanted to commit violence, and came ready to fight.  The two sides fought.  And how the Left wants you to condemn the people who followed the law, but completely forgive the people who didn't follow the law.

Got that yet?

The 1st Amendment applies to Nazis just as much as it applies to anyone else.  You can't go around and say "Well, I love free speech but NAZI!" and expect that argument to hold any water.

Both sides came prepared to fight.  Only one of them actually had a permit to be there.

And let me digress into a topic that's been floating around in my head for a while, that plenty of other people have already brought it up - you have had the Left demonizing white men for years, decades now.  Is it any shock that some white men have finally decided that if they're going to be accused of crimes from a century ago just because of their skin color, they'll damn well start forming groups based on their skin color?

Until the racist hate group of Black Lives Matter finally admit that all lives matter, then you will have groups that form up to say White Lives Matter.

Until fascist hate groups like Antifa stop trying to force fascism and communism on people who want nothing to do with either, you will have groups form up to push back against them.

Until morally degenerate groups like the Democrat Party learn to leave people alone, you will have groups form up to force the Democrat Party to leave them alone.

The easiest thing in the world is to just leave people alone.  All it takes is absolutely no action on your part.  But unfortunately, some people just seem hardwired to force their will on their neighbor.  Hence the Democrats.  And their hordes of unwashed, drug-addled, indoctrinated, mindless zombies like Antifa or the students of most universities in America these days.

Like most bullies, the Left will not stop until you punch them in the nose and make them bleed.  They haven't been punched hard enough yet, and their apologists in the Media make sure that they'll never face the kind of scrutiny that would make their fascism and hatred truly painful.  That means this will keep escalating.  One death in Charlottesville?  Get ready for more, because the Left refuses to listen to people when those people say "Enough!  Leave me be and go somewhere else!"

There will be a lot more blood shed before all is said and done.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Well, poop.

Sorry about the complete and utter lack of posting.  I had almost no internet connectivity for the past five days, and I didn't have time to even check my email most days.  Had I known I was going to be that busy I would have pre-loaded some posts.

Ah well.  I'm sorta back.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Obama knew North Korea could build a mini-nuke in 2013

He downplayed it.  And had his lapdog media shush the news.

You can chalk this up as another example of President Obama employing his signature strategy for dealing with sticky national security issues: Ignore, discredit or downplay. If the foreign policy crisis was too big to ignore, he would was give a speech -- and kick the can down the road for another president to deal with. 
In 2013, Obama not only downplayed the Defense Intelligence Agency's intelligence report about Korea's mini nukes -- He attempted to discredit it. The White House media echo-chamber was -- as  always -- happy to go along with the ruse.

Reason number #13,568 why nobody in their right mind trusts the media, and why people cheer as journalists get choke-slammed by honest, god-fearing Americans.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The world of the VA

I love that quote:  "Giving American Service-members a second chance to die for their country"

If you want long waits, even inside the doctor’s office, multi-month waits before actually seeing a doctor about pressing issues, if you want faceless bureaucrats determining your life, if you truly in your heart of hearts think that somehow this is healthy and good, you go right on ahead. If you want to see more babies wind up like Charlie Gard, you go right on ahead and do that damnably awful thing.

"Single-Payer" healthcare, socialized healthcare, government healthcare, they're all the same thing, and they end up the same way:  You die, slowly, painfully, because the government isn't interested in helping you.  You are a cost.  A liability.  And the sooner you die, the less they have to spend on you.


Since 1979.

As the above chart shows, spending has been growing by leaps and bounds but the performance of the schools, as measured by the reading, math, and science scores of the students has not measurably improved. 
One would presume that the purpose of the Department of Education would be to improve the education of American students so they would graduate possessing greater knowledge of core subjects like reading, math, science, and history.  One would presume. 
Whatever the Department of Education is doing, it is not working.  The improvement has simply not been happening. 
They have had thirty-eight years and one and a half trillion dollars to improve things.  They have had Democrat and Republican appointees both in charge.  They have had more liberal and less liberal Congresses passing budgets (or at least continuing resolutions).  They have had every possible chance to show that they can actually make our schools better. 
They have failed.

It's time to shutter the Department of "Education", and return all decisions to the states and cities.  If California wants to continue paying "Diversity Officers" six-figure salaries, let 'em.  But make California pay for it.  Let the rest of the country do things that actually work.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Oh yeah, there's totally nothing suspicious about that

Loretta Lynch, who helped cover up Hillary Clinton's criminal activity, used a pseudonym for official government emails.

Hosted on the DOJ server.


Lynch, using the Elizabeth Carlisle account, which was hosted on the Justice Department’s system, was also involved in those discussions. 
Lynch’s attorney, Robert Raben, confirmed to TheDC on Monday that Lynch emailed under that pseudonym. He pointed to an article published in The Hill last February in which the Justice Department acknowledged that Lynch was using an email handle that was not her given name.

We have the most corrupt political class in the history of America.  And it shows.  And it stinks.

Reason #1,387 why Los Angeles is a stinking shithole

You could do a lot with $1.3 BILLION dollars, but not if you are just going to give it away to illegal alien criminals.

llegal immigrant families received nearly $1.3 billion in Los Angeles County welfare money during 2015 and 2016, nearly one-​quarter of the amount spent on the county’s entire needy population, according to data obtained by Fox News.

$1.3 billion could fix a lot of roads.  And trust me, the roads in LA suck.  Too much traffic volume combined with earthquakes tear those suckers apart pretty quickly.  There was a pothole on Victory Blvd that we had to swerve around on a daily basis because it was large enough to swallow a tire and spit out your shocks and struts.  Gosh, that took a long time to get fixed.  Because I guess the money was going to illegal aliens instead of the city actually doing the stuff it's supposed to do.

Illegal aliens are why the hit-and-run accident rate in Los Angeles is around 50%.  Illegal aliens are part of the reason the crime rate is so high.  Illegal aliens are why the cost of living in a house is so damn high - you're competing against four illegal alien families all crammed into one house.  They can afford to pay $1k per family to the landlord.  You can't afford to pay $4k yourself.  And forget trying to find a parking spot.  Four illegal alien families have a lot of cars out on the street.

You couldn't pay me enough to live in Los Angeles again.  That entire county could fall into the ocean and I wouldn't shed a tear.

$1.3 BILLION DOLLARS.  All going to illegal alien criminals instead of being used to provide services to the taxpayers who have had that money taken from them by the government.  Think about that.

Monday, August 07, 2017

In the middle

of another long string of days in a row.  So you might get video-heavy posts every now and then, because quite frankly, after a 13 hour day all I really want to do is come home and have a cigar while sitting out back.

Please do note

I have a link to over on the right hand side of the blog.  Why?  Because they asked me, and they donate a percent of their profits to organizations like Soldier's Angels, the NRA legal fund, etc etc etc.

They also have a kick ass sale on 9mm ammo right now.  Just sayin.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Check my numbers

Approximately 25% of Federal prisoners are foreign born.

Of the 187,855 inmates in Bureau of Prisons’ (BOP) custody, 42,034 — or 22 percent — are foreign-born aliens, according to DHS figures.

And that's followed up with:

The average annual cost of incarcerating a single federal prisoner is about $32,000, according to a BOP report.

So 42,034 prisoners at $32,000 a year is $1,345,088,000.  Is that about right?

Send those fuckers back.  Hell, fly them back and kick them out of a plane without a parachute.  That'll save on costs both ways.  It doesn't matter if it's on the ground or not.

Modern Music Sucks

As an aside, I've deleted all the country music stations off my car radio, because I refuse to listen to "Bro-Country".  I'd rather jab ice-picks into my ears.

Found here.  (NSFW)

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Reporters strangely uninterested in doing their job

Nah, it's not strange at all when you realize that the Democrat Propaganda hacks were just covering up for their boss the Clintons.

Reporters with the Washington Post and New York Times were apparently less than enthusiastic about covering the controversial private meeting between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton just months ahead of the 2016 election. 
The non-profit American Center for Law and Justice published emails Friday that showed reporters asking Department of Justice officials for details on the meeting. 
Mark Lander, a reporter for the Times, is seen in one June 30 email reaching out to a DOJ official to say he's "been pressed into service to write about the questions being raised" by the meeting. 
Matt Zapotosky with the Post emailed a DOJ official the same day after several other emails to say that his editors "are still pretty interested" in the story but that he wanted to "put it to rest."
If it were not for alternative media sources, damn near nobody would have known about Bill Clinton and the corrupt-as-hell Loretta Lynch colluding to shove Hillary's crimes into obscurity.  Yet another example of why I won't cry one tear if the Democrat Media Complex all goes bankrupt.  In fact, I'll be laughing and cheering if I see Paul Krugman out on the street with a cardboard sign.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

The Left loves #SCIENCE! like Ike loved Tina

Can't get the data to fit your narrative?  Just erase the data!

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has been caught red handed erasing record-breaking cold temperatures from its data records. 
The BOM has now been shamed by media investigations into ordering a review of its procedures. But it has yet to provide an explanation as to why it made these “adjustments” in the first place.

Fire them all.  Fire them and get actual, real scientists in their place.  Fire everyone involved with this, from top to bottom, and start over.


Wednesday, August 02, 2017

I used to get National Review

Like, the dead-tree version.  I used to have it delivered to my mailbox.  So did my father.  But after the election, I didn't want to subscribe to a magazine that called me everything but a white boy, and did so in a sneering, condescending tone reminiscent of Chuck Schumer on the Senate floor.

So when I read something like this, I figure that it's a good thing I cancelled my subscription while the gettin' was good.

Appearing Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Williamson attacked working- and middle-class Americans for daring to commit the thought crime of believing that the American government should actually serve Americans’ interests. 
Working-class and middle-class Americans don’t have any legitimate complaints about the modern world — they’re just bigots expressing “status anxiety,” according to Williamson. “I think it’s status anxiety. You have a situation in which you have men, particularly blue-collar men, looking at the myth of what working-class life was like in the post-war era, 1950s and 1960s … this story, that’s not entirely true, that you could just get out of high school and go to a factory, make enough money to support a family and buy a house,” Williamson said.

People like Kevin Williamson are why I no longer give a damn what credentials you have or what degree you have.  Because someone with the degrees and credentials of Kevin Williamson can still be a fucking idiot.  If you want proof, take a look at Kevin Williamson.

Add him to the list of people who hates the country in-between I-5 and I-95.  And he's supposedly a "conservative".  Who has not and cannot conserve a damn thing.  In fact, about the only thing he can do is roll over and do what the Democrats tell him to do.  Thank God I'm not paying money for any more of his bullshit.  National Review needs to die off, and do so soon.  It's painful to watch them flail about.  It's almost watching someone who used to be a good friend, who's now infected with some zombie virus.  It kinda looks like your old pal, but you know it's just the animated corpse, shambling along mindlessly.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Liberal cities are diseased, crime-ridden shitholes

And they are getting worse.

Sergio Jose Martinez, a 31-year-old transient and meth addict and alcoholic, allegedly entered a 65-year-old woman's apartment on Northeast Irving Street via an open window. What happened next is the stuff of nightmares. 
This made things quite convenient for Martinez, whose criminal record in the United States stretches back to 2001, when, at the age of 15, he completed drug and alcohol treatment in Texas. He has since been deported over 20 times, only to return to the U.S. to commit more felonies. He's been issued nine warrants for failure to appear, has routinely violated the terms of his parole, and regularly commits violent crimes. Martinez moved to Portland sometime in the past three years. His last listed address was a shelter in Northwest Portland, but he lives on the streets. 
His most recent deportation was in November 2016. In December, the Department of Homeland Security requested a detainer for Martinez, but local authorities released him back into the community without notifying DHS or ICE. An immigration detainer is a request to authorities to notify DHS before releasing Martinez to allow ICE to take him into custody. This never happened.

Portland cares more about a homeless illegal alien drug addict than they do about law-abiding citizens of their city.  But you know what?  The reason Portland cares more about an illegal alien drug addict criminal than their own citizens is because that's exactly what the law-abiding citizens told Portland to care about first.

I'm willing to bet that this illegal alien drug-addict criminal's rape victim voted for the Leftist policies year after year after year after year, and how her chickens have come home to roost.  That doesn't mean she deserved it.  That doesn't mean that the illegal alien drug addict criminal doesn't deserve to have a bullet put into his head and his body dumped into an un-marked grave out in the woods as punishment for his crimes.  But if anyone should suffer for imposing blatantly stupid Leftist policies on the population, it's other Leftists.

My advice?  The last time I was in Portland was about 2013.  Courthouse Square was full of homeless panhandlers.  It smelled like rancid piss.  Don't bother going to Portland.  There are plenty of places in Oregon that are much nicer, cleaner, cheaper and just plain better.  Let Portland rot.

Monday, July 31, 2017

I got nothing today

Eating a steady stream of shit sandwiches right now.  Enjoy some Dr. Peterson.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Ben Shapiro, Adam Carolla speak to Congress. Media ignores it

Of course they do.  Anything that goes against the narrative their DNC masters push must be fought.

But they have TOP MEN!

CDC advises to delay breastfeeding because..  well...  just read this:

Ten researchers from the CDC’s National Centers for Immunization and Respiratory Disease (NCIRD) released a paper arguing that because the immune-boosting effects of breastmilk inhibit the effects of the live oral rotavirus vaccine, nursing mothers should delay breastfeeding their infants. 
This, dear readers, is the kind of convoluted logic that permeates the pharmaceutical industry. To be fair, the paper does not recommend that mothers stop breastfeeding, merely that they delay nursing at the time that the vaccine is administered. It also says that other avenues for boosting the vaccine’s efficacy should be explored. 
Honestly, I don’t care how nuanced their recommendation is. Do they not realize what they have stumbled upon? In demonstrating that breastmilk counters the live vaccine, they’ve shown that breastmilk counters the virus.

Emphasis in the original, and if it weren't there I would have done it.  This highlights the unholy stupidity of the credentialed class.  Breastmilk is full of immune system-boosting goodies.  There's no need to start shooting up a kid with vaccines if they're nursing, because they're getting what they need from mommy dearest!

And who the hell thinks that a mother is going to delay breastfeeding?  What kind of family would allow a mother to delay breastfeeding on the advice of some unknown pharmacy-funded asshole from the CDC?

And yet here we have another fucking government agency vomiting out some of the most stupid, bone-headed, completely wrong suggestions, because VACCINES?

Give the kid the vaccine later, after he's done nursing!  Maybe the problem in today's world is that more kids are given formula instead of nursing, thus lessening the beneficial effects of breastmilk.

Remember, if X is an unknown quantity, and a spurt is a drip of water under pressure, then an Expert is an unknown drip under pressure.