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Thursday, December 15, 2016

These people claim to be the "smart" ones

Clinton campaign desperately trying to spin their stupidity, incompetence and ignorance into "LOOK AT THE RUSSIANS!"

The story is about the idiocy of falling for phishing! How is that "hard to see coming"? And what's the point of tracing it? Just never fall for it and the problem is solved, wherever the hell it came from. The Russians don't deserve special credit for devious genius. The Clinton campaign deserves to be lambasted for its shocking stupidity. And these are people who wanted to be trusted with the nuclear codes and who relied on the argument that Donald Trump is a dangerous ignoramus.

Look, we shouldn't be shocked that the same corrupt organization that put Above Top Secret classified info on a private email server fell for a phishing scam.  They deserve every bit of scorn and mockery that gets heaped on their heads.  I have to take a cyber-security class every friggin' year as part of my job training, and it's the same damn class, every year.  Same damn things they cover, over and over and over.  If any of these blithering shitstains had bothered to just follow the same basic security protocols that anyone with a security clearance has to follow, they would have been fine.

But Clinton and her team were so stupid, so arrogant, so corrupt, that they couldn't do that.

So now we're treated to round after round of "THE ROOSKIES IS IN MY EMAILS!"

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