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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The joys of science!

So the Mrs. and I have been keeping an ale yeast alive for a couple of batches to see what the end result tastes like.  We started with a Nottingham Ale yeast, and made an apple cider with it.  It was good, but dry.  After I bottled the cider, I started a test batch of apple cyser; apple juice and honey instead of just plain juice.  I bottled it up about two weeks ago and did my usual bottle priming.  As of today, it's still not carbonated.

But a-ha, I had forgotten to do my math!  The S.G. was 1.062, and the final gravity was 0.992.  And running through my calculations, that puts the ABV at about...

9.2%, give or take.

From an ale yeast.  Holy crap, no wonder it's not carbonating!  That yeast is at the top end of it's range!  If I keep this up I'll have to invest in a keg and CO2 bottle.

I saved the yeast from that batch and I'll be starting up a blueberry batch.  The temps in the basement are running at around 60 degrees right now, so it'll be a slow batch.  We also got some lager yeast today, and I'll be making more cider and beer with that, since lagers do better in colder temps.  It's all an experiment, right?

And I'd better find some folks to help me drink this stuff, or I'll be pickled before too long.

Oooo, I'll do a blueberry cider....

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