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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Ragin' Dave's Quote of the Day

From Mostly Cajun in the comments to the below post:

It's a difficult shift to go from 'Designing For Sasquatch' to dealing with an actual woman that you don't need to hide.

Moochelle's face just got a handprint-shaped welt on it, and she doesn't know why.  Well, THIS time.....


Drumwaster said...

Melania was a supermodel long before she became Mrs Donald Trump, so I'd say she can afford really good threads, and knows how to wear them, all on her own.

Ragin' Dave said...

Oh, I know. I highly doubt that Melania is going to retain any of the people who dressed Moochelle. The whole point is that the designers are throwing a "LOOK AT MEEEEEEEE!" powerpout and refusing to design for Melania. Hell, Melania hasn't even asked them to do a damn thing, they're just pre-emptively throwing that power pout.

My whole point is that any woman of class wouldn't want to hire the people who dressed Moochelle up in the K-Mart rejects rack of dresses. So their power-pout is only there to draw attention to themselves, because once Trump is in office, they're out of a job. Deservedly so, in my opinion.