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Monday, November 14, 2016

It's indoctrination, not education

So this little post-mortem right here starts with:

1. How easily the college-educated go barking mad.

At this point, I would say that with the exception of the hard sciences, the entire point of a college education is to make you go barking mad.  If the Marxist echo chambers of academia don't drive you into mental breakdown, the coming out of a university and realizing you've spent the cost of an entire house on a degree that qualifies you to flip burgers at McDonald's has to be a huge mental stressor.

"But my Masters degree in Feminist and Womyn's Studies!!!!"

Makes you un-employable.  Seriously.  Who wants to hire THAT?  That's a walking HR nightmare - someone with delusions of grandeur who probably isn't even up to adequate in their job skills, walking around with one gigantic 3rd-wave feminist chip on their shoulder.  Oh, gosh, yeah, that's exactly who I want working with me, or for me!

ShitLib Fascists are having melt-down over melt-down on campuses all over the country, from the special little snowflakes at Yale who can't handle Halloween costumes, to the brainless fucking retards all over the country who need a safe space because Donald Trump got elected.

That's JUST THE KIND OF PERSON I want in my business!  Yep!  Gosh!

For the sarcasm impaired - I don't want that kind of person to be within a hundred yards of me.  These loony ShitLibs need to be quarantined until we can figure out which ones can be de-programmed, and which ones are a lost cause

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