Day by Day

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Just ordered some LED bulbs for my bike's light bar.  Had two halogen bulbs burn out already.  Could be from the roads I ride on, could just be what happens.  But I'm tired of replacing bulbs on a regular basis, so we'll see how the LED ones do.  It's only $20, which is just a little more than what I was paying for normal bulbs.

And now, breakfast.


JimB said...

What kind of lamps/bulbs are you talking about?? I have halogen lamps on my 98 Harley Road King and would relly like to conbvert them to LED

Ragin' Dave said...

These are the H3 bulbs - fog lamp bulbs, essentially. You can replace your halogen headlight with an LED bulb, but it requires a fan on the back of the converter to keep the heat down. My boss replaced his halogen with an LED and that thing is damn bright. I'm just going for the two smaller lights on the light bar; my headlight will get replaced at a later date.