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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Truer words have never been said

By Instapundit:

Gangs of young men strutting and killing people is the default state for humanity. Civilization is what puts that under control. Until it doesn’t.

I would say that very large portions of the USA have lost some, if not all vestiges of civilization, and are now living like the cargo cult populations of the South Pacific.  Wait, scratch that.  That's wrong.  The Cargo Cultists would at least build runways and towers out of mud.  The feral population of American cannot and will not do even that.


Deserttrek said...

And stupid people, yes they are stupid, will turn-on the nfl and the ncaa over the weekend and stuff money into the advertisers and networks pockets to keep pushing the lefts agenda, all the time screaming about how corrupt the left is.

Dave the average person will feed the birds then wonder why there is crap on the car. Watch the nfl, the ncaa, tv news or entertainment tv and that's what is happening. Paying people to crap on you.

Ragin' Dave said...

Spent the entire day not watching a damn thing. Had to much to do. It's cigar time now. And bourbon.