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Monday, October 03, 2016

Pay attention

Most folks don't pay attention to more than ten feet in front of them.  That goes for pretty much everything in their life.  Need proof?  Take a look at driving in most cities.  The Ragin' Mrs. and I are aghast at the tailgaiting that goes on here in Virginia.  I call it "Clusterfucks of Stupidity".  You'll have five cars, all bunched up one car-length apart, all going 70 mph down the highway, and plenty of space in front and behind.

All it takes is one person hitting their brakes, and you've got multiple car accidents happening.  All because people refuse to look more than ten in feet in front of them.

This outlook carries over in other aspects of their life as well.  Most the voters in this country can't see outside of their personal little bubble.  That's how socialists get elected.  Hell, most of my extended family can't think more than six months into the future.  So when they vote for people who are driving this country off a cliff, they can't see it.  They don't want to see it.  And they greatly hate me for pointing it out.

Fuck 'em.  Let them hate me.  At least I won't be accused of standing idly by.

My parents have always said that if you want to see the true nature of a person, observe them when they're driving or playing sports.  That's when the mask slips.  Either they're so focused on the game, or they don't think anyone is watching, that they let their true nature come out.

Maybe that's why I dislike so much of humanity.  I have to drive too much.  Or ride, which makes me hate people all that much more.

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