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Saturday, October 29, 2016

I wonder

We all know that Obama, Lynch and Clinton pulled James Comey into a room and put the screws to him, in order to ensure that he understand that Hillary Clinton would not be persecuted for her multiple felonies that she committed.  We don't know how he was threatened, but only an idiot would think that he wasn't given a talking to like some mob flunkie that the boss needed to "chat" with.

So he goes out, and for all intents and purposes flushes the FBI's reputation and integrity down the shitter, so that Hillary can keep campaigning.

I wonder if this re-opening of the case is James Comey's revenge?  I wonder if Comey saw his chance to hit back, and took it?


p2 said...

this is an opportunity for the criminal in chief to remain criminal in chief. hes gonna figure a wsy to suspend or negate the election. you honestly dont believe her royal haughtiness would give up the taxpayer funded vacations and all that goes with being a pampered elitist, do you?? and we all know who wears the manpants in that infernal coupling......

Grog said...

Dave, here's a Very Good read.