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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Toothless Hag ignores sibling's drug use, erupts in rage over photo of baby

So, imagine the scene:  Cops show up to a house.  Male and female parents, four kids.  Male is dead from heroin overdose, woman is comatose.

In the course of taking care of the kids of these two DNA donors (I refuse to call the "parents") a photo is taken of one cop caring for a two month old baby.  Husband of cop posts picture on facebook, with basic message of "I love my wife and she's awesome".  Photo goes viral.

A sibling of one of the DNA donors (don't know which one) goes off on the city council saying that the baby was "exploited" because of the photo.

I caught wind of this over at Liberty Zone, and I'm about as pissed off as Nicki is. Where the hell was this crack-whore looking hag when her sibling was shoving a needle in their vein instead of raising their kids?  If this family member can't even stir herself to worry about the kids while the junkie parents are shooting up, she should just shut her fucking mouth, since it's now OTHER PEOPLE who have to make sure these kids are taken care of.

And please, please PLEASE GOD PLEASE do not let these kids get put into the care of that dentally challenged anal-wart, who cares more about a photo of a baby on facebook than she does about the actual health and welfare of that baby.

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