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Thursday, September 29, 2016

These people just don't get it

The opening paragraph from Joel Kotkin starts out with a fallacy and gets worse from there.

Whether he loses or, more unlikely, wins, Donald Trump creates an existential crisis for the Republican Party. The New York poseur has effectively undermined the party orthodoxy on defense, trade and economics, policies which have been dominant for the last half century within the party but now are falling rapidly out of fashion among the rank and file.

I really wonder what life must be like in the protected, cocooned little bubble that these people live in.  The "policies which have been dominant for the last half century" are still dominant.  Conservatives and Republicans pretty much still believe in the free market, individual freedom and smaller government.

It's the GOP we no longer trust.  It's the Republican Elite who have betrayed us time and time again that have brought Trump on themselves.  We still believe in the same things we did ten or twenty years ago.  However, we have absolutely no faith that the people in Washington D.C. will do a damn thing except screw us over.

John Boehner, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell has given Harry Reid and Barack Hussein Obama almost everything they wanted, and shit all over the GOP to do so.  Is it any wonder that Trump won the nomination after that?

Maybe Joel Kotkin is incapable of understanding that we po' uneducated little people are more than capable of rejecting the "leadership" that constantly insults us, screws us over and makes our life worse.

Either way, that opening paragraph was all I really needed to read.  Whatta maroon.

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