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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Stop allowing Churchians to tell you that mass immigration must be allowed

So, how many times has some Churchian (I love that term!) brought up the parable of the Good Samaritan when talking about immigration and refugees?  "But Jesus said to take care of people!  Good Samaritan and stuff!"

Folks, the Good Samaritan brought the injured man to an inn and paid his tab.  He didn't bring the guy home to his house and lay him on the couch.

Vox Day links to an article about St. Thomas Aquinas and his teachings on immigration.  If you want to know what true Christian teaching on immigration is, one of the Great Doctors of the Catholic Church ought to do, eh?

These are some of the thoughts of Saint Thomas Aquinas on the matter of immigration based on biblical principles. It is clear that immigration must have two things in mind: the first is the nation’s unity; and the second is the common good. 
Immigration should have as its goal integration, not disintegration or segregation. The immigrant should not only desire to assume the benefits but the responsibilities of joining into the full fellowship of the nation. By becoming a citizen, a person becomes part of a broad family over the long term and not a shareholder in a joint stock company seeking only short-term self-interest. 
Secondly, Saint Thomas teaches that immigration must have in mind the common good; it cannot destroy or overwhelm a nation. 
This explains why so many Americans experience uneasiness caused by massive and disproportional immigration. Such policy artificially introduces a situation that destroys common points of unity and overwhelms the ability of a society to absorb new elements organically into a unified culture. The common good is no longer considered.

Nowhere but in the fevered minds of liberal Churchians does it say that Christ demands unlimited, unregulated mass immigration.  In fact, it's the opposite.  We have no obligation to allow the hordes in to our country, we need to go there and convert them.

Now I just need to beat that into the heads of the Cardinals of the Catholic Church here in the USA.

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Crotalus said...

Jesus also warned us to not cast our pearls before swine, lest they trample them underfoot and turn on us. That's a perfect description of these jihadi swine.