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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Once again...

Warnings fall on deaf ears.

Never again, yeah right.  Not with Obama McPuttPutt running this country into the ground, and Leftists of all stripe howling for more of the same with Crooked Hillary, who is so decrepit that she can't even stand long enough for a September 11th Memorial without crumbling just as fast as her morals.

Thanks to Obumbler McGolfpants and Crooked Hillary, thanks to all their legions of America-hating supporters, I expect another major attack.  We've already had small ones.  And once again the shrieking, poo-flinging howler monkeys of the Left will blame anything and anybody but their God, their Communist Christ, their Marxist Messiah Obama and his complete and utter destruction of American power here and abroad.

I just hope I'm out of the blast radius.

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