Day by Day

Friday, September 23, 2016

I knew I needed to eat more cheese!

Eating cheese does good things for you!

This isn't the first time a study has linked cheese to good health. A recent study from Japan found that cheese consumption prevents fat accumulation in the liver and has the potential to improve serum lipid parameters - how we measure for cardiovascular risk. 
Meanwhile, a small 2015 study found that cheese could be the key to a faster metabolism and reduced obesity.

Eat cheese!  It's healthy for you!

One addendum - American "cheese" isn't really cheese.  It's glue with food coloring added.  Start with a good sharp cheddar, and work your way from there.


Adrienne said...

Hi, my name is Adrienne, and I'm a cheeseaholic. I never met a cheese I didn't like - even the smelly ones. Right now you will find in my fridge: sharp cheddar, mozzarella, Swiss, provolone, Parmesan, blue, and feta. We also have these little individually wrapped squares of plastic that my hubby actually refers to as cheese. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

You knew this was coming, it's not the Spanish Inquisition.

Ragin' Dave said...

Adrienne - as of right now we have sharp cheddar, blue, asiago, brie, two different kinds of mozzarella, manchego, and some other cheeses the Mrs. took a fancy to.

Anon - that's my second favorite sketch of theirs. The Dead Parrot would be the first.