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Friday, September 16, 2016

Here's why I don't give two shits if the GOP survives or not

Lots of those GOP folks seem to prefer Hillary.  Gosh.  Who woulda thunk it?

“It’s terrifying,” said one GOP consultant, who like others spoke to BuzzFeed News on condition of anonymity. “He’s not qualified … and it’s a massive problem. I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but at least I feel like some of those jobs that are required for president, she could do them.” 
“It would be terrible for America, and for the world,” said another Republican strategist, referring to a prospective Trump victory. “I can’t think of one good thing that would come of it.”

I want you to think about the ego, the narcissism, that makes people in the GOP think that they can ignore what the voters wanted.

And now I want you to think about the stupidity, the ignorance, the complete detachment from reality that it takes to think that having Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office would be a good thing.  President Hillary destroys America.  Period.  There is no coming back.  President Hillary is a Nightshade and Hemlock smoothie, followed by a cyanide chaser.

And these clueless fucksticks in the GOP actually want her to win.

Fuck the GOP.  They can die screaming.


OC said...

Fuck the GOP
with a dildo wrapped with barbed wire.

0007 said...

"...die screaming." And they will, regardless of who wins.