Day by Day

Monday, September 19, 2016

Dear New York City

You voted for Obama.  Twice.  You voted for Hillary as Senator, and you'll vote for her for President.

You know you will.  Everybody knows you'll vote for her.

You are the reason that a corrupt mob boss is New York State's governor.  You are the reason that Chuck The Schmuck Schumer is in the Senate.  You are the reason that Charlie Rangel could lie, cheat and steal millions of taxpayer dollars while enforcing tax rules on the rest of the country.

You have supported, endorsed and pushed for every single program put forth by the Left.  And you have smeared anyone to the right of Karl Marx as racist, sister-humping, Bible-thumping Jesusfreaks from fly-over country.

And now a bomb went off in your city, brought there by the policies that YOU VOTED FOR and the people YOU VOTED FOR.

I don't feel sorry for you.  Not one fucking bit.  Because we all know that you haven't learned a damn thing, and you'll continue to vote for people who will bring these terrorist fuckwits into the country by the millions.

I hope they all move to New York City.

I hope you learn your lesson the easy way.  But failing that, I hope you learn your lesson the hard way.  Because that's much preferable to you not learning your lesson at all, and having your shitty fucking asshats ruin the rest of the country as well.

And for the people of Minneapolis/St. Paul, that goes for you too.  I feel actual pity for the folks who live outside that liberal shithole in the state of Minnesota; they've been fighting against the insanity for years.

The more liberals that terrorists kill is fewer people to attack the actual America-loving population.

Do I upset anyone?  Too bad.  I'm done smiling and hugging the people who hate me.  I'm going to go join the Basket of Deplorables, because at least they've got my back in a fight.


Turbo2Pete said...

Well put.

Yeah.... They'll just whine about how 'misunderstood' the bomber was - or how he's missing his family and goats, and we NEED to bring them here too.

OC said...

There are 3 distinct areas of MN that wreak havoc on our state: Hennepin and Ramsey counties make up St. Paul and Mpls. Duluth is a nest of liberals. Now a fourth area is expanding it's lib base and that is Stearns County, home to St. Cloud.

I swear - the rest of us a normal and sane. They just outnumber us.