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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

And here is how to find what college to go to!

Just find the list of the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ,'s most hated colleges!

Christian colleges were recently given the label of "absolute worst" for LGBT students due to, among other things, requesting a religious exemption to the Obama administration's current interpretation of Title IX regulations. 
Campus Pride's "shame list" has 102 Christian colleges and universities at the time of this publication. 
There is not a lesser "worst" category. Rather, all colleges that fail Campus Pride's standards are labeled "absolute worst."

So, these are the universities that bow the least to Obama's political bullshit PC "we lurve teh gays!" crap.

For the gay folks out there who are offended at that, I half-apologize.  I'll apologize fully when Christian bakers are no longer being driven out of business by politically minded faggots.  Until then, pound sand.

In any case, if you were looking for school to send your little darlings, take a look at the list that the LGBT students hate, and go from there.

Other noteworthy entrants on the "absolute worst" category included Azusa Pacific University, Biola University, Bob Jones University, East Texas Baptist University, Gordon College, Liberty University, Union University, and Wheaton College.

I have to admit, looking through the list I'm amazed to see George Fox U on there.  Although my only real interaction with them was one woman, who looked, dressed and acted like a bull dyke lesbian and who damn near recoiled and hissed "PENIS BEARERS!" when my recruiting partner and I showed up.

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