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Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Rot Goes Deep

When reports from CENTCOM have been doctored to make ISIS seem less....  terrorist-ish, and to paint US efforts as being successful, you have to ask just how far down the rot goes.  And unfortunately, there's no real way of knowing, other than it goes far too far.

In a troubling new report this week, House members concluded what many long suspected: Reports at the US Central Command, which oversees military efforts in the Middle East, were deliberately doctored to present a false and rosy picture of US efforts against ISIS. 
It’s the first official confirmation of whistleblower complaints that intelligence analysts’ assessments were routinely manipulated by top brass. Indeed, the report found 40 percent of the analysts “experienced an attempt to distort or suppress intelligence analysis” during a one-year period.  
All this fits with President Obama’s attempts to paint ISIS as merely a “JV team” and claim the group had been “contained.”

Obama is a worthless fucking liar, and rather than tell the truth about ISIS he had his people change the intel reports to line up closer to his lies.

The fact that he has an approval rating around 50% tells me that this country is fucked.  Because if people are so stupid and blind to still support that lying Marxist anal-wart, after everything that as come out, it means that there's no amount of truth, logic, fact or reasoning that can be used to penetrate those skulls, short of leading with a .30 caliber penetrator.

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Grog said...

Keeping in mind that MEMRI is a more credible source of information than Al Jazeera, and also that Flynn has to be careful with his words because he could get locked up for breaking information security rules, the article is 5 tons of dynamite.

So, yeah, obozo knew what would happen, and he did it anyway.