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Thursday, August 18, 2016

So, how much have you heard about the Louisiana flooding?

Remember Hurricane Katrina?  Every single news station was blaring that Bush didn't do enough, it was Bush's fault, FEMA was horrible, it was Bush's fault, Bush should have moved the hurricane somewhere else, and it was Bush's fault.

Compare and contrast that to how the media is treating the Stuttering Clusterfuck of Failure Obama's vacation, where he can't even be bothered to make a statement about the flooding that's killed eleven people and forced hundreds of thousands of people out of their homes.  Too busy golfing, don't you know.  And besides, there's no way for the media to demonize the Republicans, so they don't really want to do any actual reporting.  Hey, Trump said something mean!  Let's ignore Hillary's criminal activities!

In Milwaukee, the Black Lies Matter movement fostered by Obama and the Democrats, funded by George Soros, has burned down businesses, shot police officers, all because a black officer shot a black criminal who refused to drop a gun.  In response, CNN selectively edited out the criminal's sister screaming for the crowd to go into the suburbs and "burn their shit down".

The media is all in for Hillary.  The media is all in for their Democrat masters.  The masks are off, and they don't even bother pretending to be objective any more.

Just keep that in mind when you read or hear another breathless report about how horrible Trump is doing.  The media will sell their own families into Islamic slavery in order to get Hillary elected.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate the efforts of the leftists, MSM, etc for their actions to self-identify as the enemy makes it much easier hen the time comes. Take notes.

Per your question, even if rhetorical, I get my news from blogs. I have seen pretty good reporting of the LA floods.

Ragin' Dave said...

I threw out my TV years ago. I wouldn't watch CNN if you paid me.