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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Establishment Candidate that GOPe wants to use to siphon votes from Trump is the kind of Establishment asshole you'd expect

That is to say, there's not a damn thing about him that's conservative.

He loves the Seattle Seahawks, John Boehner, and Paul Ryan. In three years of Facebook posts, he never commented on a domestic issue, economic or social. He never said anything on any specific issue that a diehard Democrat couldn’t applaud.
After I scoured Evan McMullin’s Facebook page, I went to his website, wherein he says he’s very pro-life, but the only policy he commits to is no taxpayer financing of abortion; he boasts of support for adoption; and he commits to virtually nothing concrete on any issue, much less religious liberty, trying, I suppose, to be a unifier through vagueness, as many consultants would no doubt advise.

As far as I can tell., this guy's main qualification for running is the fact that he's Mormon.  That's about it.  Oh, and his support for Amnesty.  No, really.  Evan McMullin is exactly what you think an Establishment Candidate would be.  He's a fucking parody, only he's being presented as the anti-Trump choice.

Well, he is the anti-Trump choice, but not in the way he thinks he is.  McMullin is a living, breathing example of why Trump won the nomination in the first place.

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