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Saturday, July 09, 2016

The murder of five police officers

Is the direct result of Barack Hussein Obama and his administration siding against the cops on a national level over and over and over and over and over.

That racist black asshole in Cambridge?  Obama said the cops acted stupid.

Trayvon Martin, who was bashing George Zimmerman's head into the concrete sidewalk?  Obama said his son would look like Trayvon, and sicced his DOJ on Zimmerman.  Zimmerman wasn't a cop, but it set the tone for other interactions down the line.

Michael Brown was a dope-smoking thug who had just robbed a convenience store, bounced the store owner against a wall on his way out, and was smoking his stolen cigars while walking down the middle of the street when the police saw him.  He then assaulted the cop while the cop was sitting in his car.  That got him shot once.  He refused to listen to the cops orders, and charged at the cop again.  That got him shot a bunch more times, and he died.  Obama decided to take the story spewed out by Brown's robber accomplice and run with it as the truth.  "Hands up don't shoot" was the phrase de jour, and it was complete bullshit.  Brown never had his hands up, which was proved by the autopsy.  Obama sicced his DOJ on Ferguson.  The police officer resigned and walked away from his career in law enforcement.  The Grand Jury, including several black men and women, who saw the actual evidence of the case, refused to bring a case against the officer.

Every time there has been a chance for Obama to show support for the police, the rule of law, and common sense, he instead feeds in to the hatred that he has against this country and against white people.

Did Obama personally tell that asshole in Dallas to start shooting?  No.  But he set the stage for it to happen.  I blame Obama and his administration for what happened in Dallas.


Adrienne said...

It has become so obvious to those of us who are not brain dead, that he interjects himself into these situations to further his gun grab. Still hasn't uttered one word about Kate Steinle.

p2 said...

not gonna be a gun grab.... it'll be an ammo grab. have all the guns you like....good luck finding anything to use them with. Arms are constitutionally protected, for what that's worth these days, ammunition and components aren't. the hell with gold & silver,. I'm investing in lead & brass.....

Deserttrek said...

I believe the boy is happy to see the results of his work. he and the media and ALL elected and/or appointed officials who have pushed the line are guilty of aiding and abetting the crime

Drumwaster said...

He wouldn't HAVE to tell that asshole in Dallas anything. With groups like "Black Lies Matter" (no, that isn't a typo) marching down the street, explicitly calling for the deaths of police officers, this is nothing but a "Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?" scenario. His flunkies know exactly what he wants, and are more than willing to do the dirty jobs, KNOWING that they will be protected - in the press, in the courts, and on the job (they are promoted or reassigned, rather than being fired for violating the law).

This particular asshole turns out to be a member of the New Black Panthers, the group that Eric Holder overruled the ongoing prosecution of when they were threatening voters outside Pennsylvania polling places, carrying bats or clubs. The group that had called for the premeditated murder of George Zimmerman.

When you know that you will get the President and the Attorney General to help cover up your crimes, what's to stop you from pulling a trigger?