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Thursday, June 16, 2016

"The Left has abandoned the Gays"

Well, yes and no.

Yes, the Left has abandoned the gays, just like they abandoned the blacks.

But No, because both the gays and the blacks in America don't care any more.

It doesn't matter what the Left does to blacks or gays.  The blacks and gays in American have bought into the Left's ideology hook, line and sinker.  And part of buying into that ideology means removing the ability to think for yourself, to deal with conflicting statements, to understand reality.  The gays and the blacks have essentially given up any vestige of free thought, and even worse they have made damned sure that the kids they are around never even have a chance to learn how to think at all.  They just regurgitate the latest DNC talking points ad nauseum.  

The Left has abandoned the gays, but they made damn sure that the gays would keep coming back like an abused wife.  "Oh, but he didn't mean it!  Oh, but he loves me!"

Which means that the DNC could rape and then lynch a black gay man in downtown NYC, and post "Fuck you, Nigger Faggot" on Twitter and Instagram and facebook and Snapchat....

...and the blacks and gays would still both turn out in droves to vote for the Left's candidate of the day.  And they would tell Conservatives that "It's OK when they do it!"

You know it's true.

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