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Monday, June 20, 2016

One Problem of Dealing with Leftists

Is that no matter how intelligent an individual might be, collectively they're dumber than a mud fence.

Surfing past Fox News this morning, I heard someone report on a poll about what caused the massacre in Orlando. Apparently, most Republicans believe it was caused by Islamic extremism, whereas most Democrats believe it was caused by “domestic gun violence.” 
But the massacre was domestic gun violence. Democrats might just as well say that murder caused the murders.

The Left forces itself into idiocy.  They subjugate themselves to indoctrination in order to belong to their hive mind collective.  It's why bumper sticker slogans are so popular on the Left.  It doesn't take much brain power to regurgitate a Leftist slogan, and in order to actually believe those Leftist memes adorning various cars you have to make yourself stupid.

For example, this blithering idiocy:

What kind of mouth-breathing halfwit takes a look at all the bloodshed in the world and says "Oh yeah, it's those stinkin' HINDUS that are the problem!  Yeah, those violent Buddhists are on a rampage!  Evil Christians everywhere!  COEXIST, YOU MORONS!"

The very first letter in that most mindless of slogans is what killed 49 people in Orlando.  and 14 people in San Bernadino.  And on and on and on, but to the Left it's that LAST letter that's the problem.

That takes indoctrination.  That takes servile insanity.  That takes a person willingly putting away his ability to reason and use logic and see reality, and buy into an imaginary dream world where socialism works and even Christian capitalists are the real problem.

And the Left buys into that dream world, no matter how intelligent they are one on one.

And along with the world being flat, Leftist now know that the world is gonna BURN UP AND DIE!!!!!!111!eleventy!!! even though we still haven't gotten back to Greenland being, y'know, GREEN AGAIN like it used to be.  And Socialism really really works even though every single socialist economy is either treading water or circling the drain.  Hugo Chavez's daughter is worth over $1 billion, but people can't buy toilet paper in Venezuela.  Yay socialism!

How can you have a rational discussion with people who intentionally lobotomize themselves?

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