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Monday, June 13, 2016

Going to be unpopular here...

I'm having a hard time getting my knickers in a twist over the Orlando shooting.  I know that I should be all morally outraged because TEH GAYS WERE TARGETED, but I'm not.  And here's why.

Gays in America are a monolithic Leftist bloc of voters.  They've voted for every scheme and plan the Left has put forward, including all the schemes and plans that make it easier for Muslims to come to America, make it harder to filter out Islamists, make it harder to deal with Islamists, and to put a halt to making war on Islamists like ISIL/ISIS/Al Qaeda in the Middle East.  The gays, as a block, are huge fans of Obama, and Obama is the most Islamist friendly guy in America right now.  Obama can't even say the words "Islam" and "terrorism" in the same speech.  And the gays vote for him in droves.  Monolithic.  Look, the reason that Milo Yanopo...  Yeanopou...  that blonde-haired guy from England named Milo is such a rarity is because he's a conservative gay man.  And that almost never happens.  There's a reason why San Francisco is the gayest and most liberal city in America.

So gays in America have been massive supporters of the kinds of policies that make the Orlando shooting not only possible, but inevitable.  Gays have tied their boats to the Islamist movement, supporting Hamas, Fatah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and every other Islamist movement who hates America.  Because in the end, I think a lot of gays hate America too.  Or they hate the Judeo-Christian values that America was founded on, and that a lot of conservatives still consider important.

The organizations and people that the gay movement supports are out there calling for banning guns, and saying that guns and "homegrown extremism" are the problem, not Islamic terrorism.  I want you to take a good hard look at the idiocy vomited forth by prominent gay public faces, such as this:

As if Christians were loading up rocket launchers and attacking gay night clubs, right?

Gays in America are so wedded to their Leftist ideology that they cannot break out of it for even one second to say "Hey, maybe supporting people who want to kill us for being gay isn't the greatest idea!"  But no, they decide that in the aftermath of an Islamist attack on a gay night-club that Christians are the problem.  Which means that nothing of any substance will be done about the real cause of the attack, and Christians and gun owners will once again have to explain reality to various Leftists as if they were talking to a bunch of retarded three-year old kids.  Which, in a way, is quite a bit how the Leftist brain works.

Even after the worst terrorist attack in America since September 11th, the Left, which includes almost all the gay folks in America, can't bring themselves to deal with the cause of the attack, that being Islamism.  Nope, it's those bible-thumping, sister-humping, gun-toting Jesus freaks that are the problem to the Left.

There comes a point where you can only watch someone poison themselves for so long before you're numb to it.  When I see the Left and the gay movement respond to an Islamist attack by blaming Christians and gun owners, my "give-a-damn" meter plummets to zero.

I can pray for them to see the error in their ways and beg for forgiveness from God.  But I can't work myself up into a lather over the attack.  The seeds of this attack were sown by the people who were targeted.  And for that, I can only say that actions have consequences.  And the Left is determined not to learn from those consequences, which means it will happen again.  And again.  And again.

So be it.  It won't be me getting shot to hell in a gay night club.

UPDATE, Proving the Point edition:  The NY Daily News blames Islamic terrorism for the Orlando shooting.  HA!  JUST KIDDING!  They blame the NRA, of course!

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