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Monday, April 25, 2016

A.B.C - Always Be Cleaning

So the people who lived in this house before we got here were...  in a word, trash.  And that's also a good description of what they did to the place.  The Mrs. and I hauled five bags of trash out of the woods behind our house, and there's still more to clean up.  I have a burn barrel now.  Not because I wanted one, but because I hauled an empty 55 gallon steel drum out of the woods and figured "Well, it's good for something!"

There were layers of leaves from the years they didn't rake, and there was trash in-between each layer.  The yard, if you want to call it that, is whatever weeds were able to poke through the leaves.

And inside the house, they smoked cigarettes.  Many, many cigarettes.  I finished steam-cleaning the carpet in what will be the music room, and for a house that had been "cleaned" prior to us moving in, I got what I consider to be proof that they didn't clean jack shit out of the carpet.  Not by the color of the water that I pulled out.

Hey, guess what I'm doing tonight after I get home?

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